Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Love the Water? Love Your Dog!

                                Got my sea legs on and ready to go!

This time of year, thoughts turn to fun-in-the-sun summer activities which, if you’re lucky, may include a boating adventure on the high seas! We know that taking a few safety precautions can keep boaters and pets safe and happy on the water.
And that’s why Sea Ray Boats, in conjunction with Nestle Purina PetCare, created the Pet and Water Safety (PAWS) program. In a recent survey of its customers, Sea Ray found that more than 60 percent of Sea Ray boat owners had dogs and cats – primarily dogs – and nearly two-thirds of them take their pets on their boats between five and 15 times a season.
"A number of boating groups and websites encourage the use of dog lifejackets, but not a lot of other practical advice exists," said Rob Noyes, vice president of marketing of Sea Ray.  "Since a lot of our owners have pets and take them boating, we saw this as an opportunity to step up and create a primary resource on the subject.  And Nestle Purina, with its long-standing dedication to responsible pet care and safety, is a great partner."
Sea Ray worked with Nestle Purina – the official pet food sponsor of PAWS – to launch a PAWS website at www.petandwatersafety.com.  The site includes safety tips, feature articles, guidelines, contests, gear, and special offers from PAWS sponsors.

"It's crucial for pet owners to be aware of the special considerations for pets when they're around the water," said Chris Padgett, vice president of marketing for the Purina brand.  "We're proud to take a lead role in the PAWS program.  Pets and pet owners love the water and boats, and PAWS is a great way to deliver important messages about pet safety."
Some PAWS safety tips:
Don’t assume your pet will automatically take to boating. Dogs and cats like firm, stable surfaces, and a boat can be anything but stable.
Take short trips at first to let your pet get acclimated to the pitch and roll of boating. Remember, if you can get seasick, so can your pets.
Make sure there are no hazardous or dangerous materials within your pet’s reach. Nosy pets in the fishing tackle can spell disaster!

For more safety tips check out www.petandwatersafety.com.

And don't forget your safety vest!


  1. I have a life jacket just like that! Girl bought it so we could go in the boat on our pond...but we've never actually done that! BOL!

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