Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Road to BarkWorld Expo: Yappy Hour Prize and Pals!

Got an exciting box delivered by a man in a big truck today!
Any treats in here for me??
A few weeks ago we had a great time at the BarkWorld Expo Social Media Yappy Hour on Twitter. There were lots of games and prizes -- check out the photos to see what Cosmo won from Sugar Chic Couture -- and we got all fired up about seeing all our pals at BarkWorld Expo in Atlanta, August 20-22!

At BarkWorld Expo, pet owners and businesses will learn all about the power of social media and hear it straight from the horse's mouth! ... and chat with some dogs, ferrets and ducks who will be attending too!

The impressive speaker list includes our pal Natalie Malaszenko at PETCO, Caroline Golon who is staffperson for the remarkable fundraising cat Romeo the Cat, and Lynn Haigh, founder of PawPawty Twitter fundraising events and mum to our great pal Frugal Dougal.

We also can't wait to see one of our first social media pals, Johann the Dog, and his mom Leslie May, the founder of Pawsible Marketing. There will be so many amazing speakers, be sure to check out the whole list here!

In addition, there will be lots of fun events at Atlantic Station, site of the event, and incredible swag, Cosmo's favorite part!  So what are you waiting for??? Register here and we'll see you at BarkWorld in just a few weeks! You know you want to!
I won this pawmazing Bark-tini treat jar from Sugar Chic at the BarkWorld Yappy Hour!
What's in it for me?!

Looks great on the counter too, still waiting for the
treats to appear, tap, tap, tap...


  1. Pawsome prize, Cosmo!!! *high paw*

  2. Thanks Lou! Still waiting for it to be filled with treats!
    -- Cosmo

  3. I am sure it will be filled with treats in no time at all Cosmo! Enjoy your awesome pawrize!

  4. Hello...I am visiting you from the blog hop and I am your newest follower! You've got a great blog and I'll be back soon!

  5. Thank you guys, hopping over to your sites now!!! HIppity hop!

  6. Following you back! Thank you for the follow :)
    Hope your having a great week end :)

  7. Oh what a fantastic prize. Can't wait to see you and your momma again this time with my two dogs.


  8. That is such a cute treat jar. You'll have to let us know what it gets filled with :)

  9. We can't wait to meet you two too!!! Great swag ya got there, Cosmo!

  10. I do know how to snag good swag! BOL!

  11. Super Cool Treat Jar!!! I love that!!! Congrats Cosmo!!!! Don't worry cutie pie I'm sure there will be some tasty treats in there in no time!!!! hehe!!! Hugs, Lauren, Sharky, ET and Duchess

  12. Bring back a thorough report - I'll have to miss this one. :(

  13. Stopping by on the blog hop... awesome treat jar!

  14. Treats, eh? Hows about filling it with Barktinis.. shaken, not stirred? hehe It is very handsome, Cosmo. Just like you! (Sweet Georgia)


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