Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Dogs, and Ferrets, of BarkWorld

That's me, Cosmo, on the left with mai pal Johann on the right
One of the best things about BarkWorld Expo, was seeing old and new pals -- some who we've met IRL (in real life) before and some who we only knew from the twitterverse and blogosphere!

Last weekend, Cosmo and I attended the social media conference in Atlanta, and we met so many great pals we decided to do two blogs posts... first for the great anipals we met (dogs and ferrets in this case) and a second one for the fabulous humans! 

Cosmo wins, as usual, so we're starting with his dog pals.  Johann the Dog, far right, was one of Cosmo's very first anipals on Twitter. In fact, it was Cosmo's pal Zio Tony, who found Johann for us when he was searching for some famous cyclist person named Johann something-or-other.  Johann the Dog came up first in search (that says something, doesn't it!), Zio Tony introduced Johann to us and the rest is history! We were particularly excited about meeting Johann for the first time, since he and his mom, Leslie May, do agility like we do! We already knew we'd have lots in common beyond having black-and-white doggies! 

I luv this Dog Tornado, Moooom... can I have one??!!
Johann is one of the busiest social media doggies I know with three blogs and a web site.  And he let Cosmo play with some of his cool toys at BarkWorld.

Cosmo particularly enjoyed the Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado, shown at left, and the Dog Pyramid. Both are available at Nip and Bones, our pal Baby Patches' mom's store. 

In addition to Johann, we met lots of other great anipals at BarkWorld. Here are a few!

Preston Speaks, below left, is one of our newest friends on Twitter. He's a lovely West Highland White Terrier, and here, he's discovering Manny, one of two Informed Ferrets. Ferret James was also at BarkWorld, but he's hiding out in his nice bag carried by his mom AmyJo Casner.  On the right, please meet Precious... she is @ImaJackRussell on Twitter and the author of two lovely children's books about her adventures.

Below left is our pal Frankie Beans, also known as @FrankieElPerro on Twitter. Frankie's mom, Denise Quashie is founder of BarkWorld Expo, and a meeting and event planner in Atlanta. She did a terrific job in the first year of this event. Below right, is Miss Niqqi, an adorable Bichon Frise from Chicago who made this terrific video about our Chicago meet up and dog walk!

And finally, we met Judy, below left, for the first time at BarkWorld. Her mom, Jessica Bush, authors the DOGingham blog and she took some great photos at BarkWorld! Willow Wiggles, below right, is a pal from our neighborhood, but we didn't even know Willow or her mom Lee Smith until we met them on Twitter!

There also were so many great pals at BarkWorld who didn't come with their anipals. Next up, BarkWorld pals of the human kind!


  1. such loverly wonder no kittehs went MOL

  2. I enjoyed all of your photos... fun to see for those of us who weren't there!

  3. It was sooo nice to meet you both! Thanks for mentioning my book. :)

  4. We had such a good time at BarkWorld. You took some great photos. The photo of you with Johann is really nice, you are both sitting and staying so well. Maybe in another year I will be able to sit still.

  5. Wonderful pictures Cosmo! It was so great to meet you and your mom at Barkworld

  6. It was the pawsomeest meeting you too Cosmo!!! I can't wait to do agilities together that's fur sure! And it was pawsome meeting all the pup pals! New friends fur life!

  7. Enjoyed reading your blog. Glad you had such a good time at BarkWorld. Always nice to see some of the anipals that we talk with on Twitter.

  8. We've been hopping around today with the Blog Hop and found your sight. That sounds like a lot of fun to go to BarkWorld. I wonder if they have anything like that where I live?

  9. Hello we are your newest followers. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures. Barkworld looks like it is alot of fun!

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