Thursday, September 2, 2010

BlogPaws or Bust! One of these things is not like the other...

That's me, Cosmo, giving smoochies
Your Daily Cute,  Dorian Wagner,
at the first BlogPaws in April
As we're preparing for BlogPaws West in Denver (in just one week!!!), we started thinking about what's the same and what's different from the first BlogPaws we attended earlier this year. So here you have it... our list of three things are different and one that's the same!

First, what's different.

1. We have a blog! We were so inspired from the first conference, we started a blog, participated in the Be The Change movement by organizing a neighborhood pet food drive, and we're ready to learn so much more from the fabulous speakers at BlogPaws West! 

2. Cosmo's birthday! Cosmo Havanese's big day is on September 10. I'm thinking pawty on Friday night at one of those pet-friendly dining establishments near the hotel.  Anyone who wants to pawticipate, just let me know. I'll make reservations!

Adoption drive badge
3. Sponsored by Pedigree!! Yes, perhaps I did bury the lead... but there still is more exciting news to come! We are already thrilled about Pedigree's Become a Fan, Help a Dog adoption drive.  If you haven't done so already, simply "Like" the Pedigree Adoption Drive Facebook page and Pedigree will donate a bowl of food to a shelter dog. As of this writing, 1,110,074 bowls of food have been donated, so spread the word and help more dogs! And, there will be even MORE ways we can help MORE anipals who need it most! So stay tuned!! Did I forget to say... we are SO excited to be part of the Pedigree team at BlogPaws. Happy dance... *High Paw*!!!

As part of the Pedigree team, we'll be in pawsome company at BlogPaws! Please meet the rest of the Pedigree bloggers here: Felissa Elfenbeing from Two Little Cavaliers, Sharon Castellanos from Grouchy Puppy, Neil Brogan from Life With Dogs, Ashley Niels from I Love Rescue Animals, Deborah Flick from Boulder Dog, Maria Goodavage from Dogster's for the love of dog blog, Brett Chisholm from Houston Dog Blog, Joan DeMartin from Bocci's Beefs, and Debbie Jacobs from Fearfuldogs' Blog.

And now, what's the same?

In addition to the belly rubs that Cosmo is hoping for, we're looking forward to seeing many great friends we met at the first BlogPaws and meeting so many new ones as well.
At BlogPaws East from left: Diane Silver (that's me), Salina Gannon from Confessions of the PlumeCosmo HavaneseLynn Haigh of Pawpawty; Vicki Stringfellow Cook of Bunny's Blog; Vicki Boatright of BZTAT; and Dorian Wagner of Your Daily Cute.
We also can't wait to see some of our other blogging pals we met earlier this year: Michelle Maskaly from My Tail Hurts from Wagging So Much as well as BlogPaws co-founders Caroline Golon from Romeo the Cat and Yvonne DiVita from Scratchings and Sniffings.

I could go on and on and on and on... but instead, I leave you with this moving video from BlogPaws East. Tissues ready?? (Hint: turn up the volume)!!


  1. Cosmo's barkday at Blogpaws West? That sounds pawsomer that pawsome! I guess I'll be there in spirit... *sigh*

    By the way Where is the video???

  2. Louuuu!! Can't you see the video? I see it at the bottom of the post. I just played it too!! We'll send you lots of pics mai pal.

  3. wat's dat fing growing out of mai mom's head? just kidding - she can't wait to see you at BlogPaws West! xoxo

  4. Pawty time for Cosmo! Can't wait!

  5. Count me in for pawty. happy birthday to us!

  6. I wish I could go.....
    Mom & Dad used to live in Denver, but didn't know about BlogPaws in time.

  7. Yay! Blog Hop! I'm so happy I found your blog. I hope we can be friends. :)

  8. Looking forward to this weekend, I hope to meet you all! :)

  9. Ellie and Mom -- Hope to meet you too! I'll be the black and white furry one on the end of mom's leash!

    Your pal,

  10. O hai. I made a post, too. Here is my post! :)