Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Italian style

Cosmo soaks up the history in front of the Duomo in Milan, Italy
We had a GREAT time with Cosmo in Rome and Milan last week. More stories and photos coming once I sort out all the pictures!

Buon Anno! 


  1. Hello Cosmo!

    Just hopped by to meet a traveling Havanese!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  2. Ooh la la! Very well traveled indeed!

  3. What a beautiful photo and a lucky dog!...Seeing the world!
    Kelly & Crew
    Big Mac, Molly & Moxie

  4. Just beautiful! Can't wait to see more photos!

  5. Wow, what a stunning photo! Rome with a dog would be amazing! Welcome back. :-)

  6. Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  7. Oscar would love to go to Italy but his Italian stinks. But his French? Perfect. (being a Bichon Frise and all)

  8. Oh, Oscar would certainly pick up Italian very quickly. Dogs learn language much faster than humans! Cosmo very quickly learned the meaning of "posso portare al cagnolino un po' di vitello, molto buono?" or "may I bring your doggie a treat of some very nice meat?" hee hee!

  9. Well..Great Photos ! Have you taken your your self while traveling to Italy. I am planning there from long time but always programme cancelled due to some reason. I want to go to Venice city in Italy. I heard that this city is on water only.

  10. Holy land, Venice is beautiful! We went there two years ago.I hope you get the chance to visit. You're right, there is lots of water!

  11. Wish we could go to Italy! Would love to see the Amalfi Coast! (I'm half Italian - Sicilian)
    Guess we'ss have to visit via Cosmo for now!

    Kirby and I love your blog and check it daily so we have an award for you!! Come fetch it!

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  27. What a beautiful picture, wow! A dog in Rome would be fantastic! Greetings once again. Oscar is a very handsome dog. I wish I had a dog like him in my dog modeling squad.

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