Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Snow Dog in Atlanta

The snow event in Atlanta continues.... Day Three. Maybe we'll get out tomorrow...


  1. Cosmo looks great in the snow. Stay safe!

  2. Cosmo looks wonderful. Thanks for visiting my Blog! Excellent photo.

    Your Pal,

  3. We are pretty much over the snow already. Now it's just icy and we still can't get out! Tomorrow.... hopefully.

  4. Unbelievable! It's STILL snowing down there in Georgia? I have never heard anything like this before in my life. What crazy weather.

  5. It's stopped snowing, but it's been so cold nothing has melted and we now have a sheet of ice covering everything. All 10 snowplows in the city of Atlanta have been working feverishly to clear the city. Ha! We think we'll get out Friday... maaaaaybe tomorrow.
    Diane and Cosmo

  6. Love that green jacket. We have friends who work at Georgia Tech and they said even the college was shut down. Yikes! Stay warm!

  7. Love that jaunty jacket! Stay warm and frolic carefully!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  8. Wow Cosmo, just as elegant as mine! this being indoors though is for the dogs! enuff already!


  9. Good thing you've got your coat Cosmo!

  10. Ha! In the snow, Cosmo looks like a little Shamus the Newf! Or perhaps it's Shamus who looks like a giant Cosmo. LOL.

    Stay warm, Cosmo - ol' buddy, ol' pal!

  11. At least you look very dashing in your coat!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  12. Cleared half the driveway today. The bottom half is still the icy, frozen tundra. Sigh. Maybe we'll get out tomorrow.

  13. Well, the snow part might be fun, especially for Cosmos, but the ice? Forget it! Feelin' for you! Stay warm, good luck getting out!

  14. So what did you think of the snow Cosmos? My mom thinks you look adorable in it! You guys really got slammed with the snow, hoping it warms up for you soon!


  15. Sherry - Cosmo is a handsome one, isn't he?!! Love the jacket. We got it at Highland Pet. And since it doesn't have arm holes, it doesn't mess his fur too badly.

    CindyLu -- People up north laugh at us (I'm a northerner by birth, btw!) but the ice in Atlanta is a totally different beast. We chipped away at it for days.

    Kirby -- Cosmo likes his snow light and fluffy, not slick and icy like this snow event. This was pretty miserable for the whole city. We finally got out of the house yesterday after nearly a week! This was the worst we've had it since I moved here in 1985! Cosmo was happy to get out and chase a few squirrels today!

  16. Love your green coat -- it's my human sister's favorite color! I'm still undecided on what my fav color is. I would like to try stepping on some snow...I hear it's cold... is it? Woofs & hugs! ~Bailey

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