Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dog Toys We Love: Interactive Dog Toys from Canis Callidus

When we go to agility trials, we spend around two minutes actually competing each day and the rest of the time visiting with friends, chatting about agility strategy and checking out the vendors. This weekend we met, Jasmin Bergermann, founder of Canis Callidus -- The Smart Dog, and got the chance to check out some cool interactive toys we've never seen before.

Take a look...
We've enjoyed playing with the Nina Ottosson toys before, but the Games4Brain and Dog-Intelligenz toys were new to us and very impressive. Check out more of the toys at Cosmo also managed to snag quite a few samples of the Blissful Biscuits Peanut Butter Bits. He highly recommends them!

Now let's go to the hop!


  1. Very cool toys! Kirby has a few interactive toys and loves them. Your video is great cos I can actually see how they work. I'm always on the lookout for more to help him learn.

  2. I love brain games! Mom says it's fun to see me think....

  3. Sage - I like that about brain games too!

    Debby and Kirby - There were so many puzzle toys we hadn't seen before! And so many more we didn't have time to show on video (or it would've been a major motion picture!)

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  5. i love braingames too. did you guys try this one already?