Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pet Blogger Hop: Post April Fools' confession... The Hundstol Dog High Chair from Ikea ... not so real!

No, Cosmo did not really visit the Ikea factory
in Sweden for this photo shoot, but thank you
for believing that he did!! LOL BOL
We love a good laugh at To Dog With Love, and yesterday provided just the right backdrop. If you forget to check your calendar, yesterday was April 1.... April Fools' Day!!! So for everyone who commented on the fabulous new creation from Ikea, the Hundstol Dog Highchair, we thank you for your comments and assure you that Ikea heard your desires to bring the Hundstol Dog Highchair to the U.S. *snicker*

Yes, it was an April Fools' joke -- an elaborate one conjured up by Ikea Australia. Thank you all for playing along with our Hundstol post yesterday. We were hoping to get you good didn't mean to trick you... much!

So for everyone who REALLY wants a pet high chair (yes, cats can play too) we found a few options for real! (sorry big dogs, it seems the pickin's are a bit slim for you unless you want to pony up some big bucks)

For the most discriminating dog, the hand-painted Bone Appetit Seat boasts a "bone" back that opens like a doggie door and steps up the rear for easy access. This seat can support up to 30 pounds. Custom chairs are available for larger dogs. ($990 at and pet boutiques nationwide).

Pet Gear Dog High Chair (Sage)

For tiny dogs and cats up to 10 pounds, the Pet Gear Clip-On High Chair clips on the side of the table and comes with a more affordable price tag. ($30 at

*Dog not included
Looks like Ikea might be on to something since options are few in the mid-range price point. Next year, how about launching "Take Your Pet to Dinner Day," whereby restaurants across the U.S. will allow customers to bring their pets to dine (like we did in Italy).  Ikea... yoohooo.... will you get behind this breakthrough event?!!

Thanks Mary Haight of Dancing Dog Blog for your comment yesterday that sparked this idea!!

Enough Tom CosmoFoolery. Let's go to the Pet Blogger Hop!


  1. Doggone it! I wanted one so I could sit up high and watch TV while I eat!


  2. How funny that there are some real doggie high chairs out there!

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