Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Cosmo Havanese says Do Bee a safe Bee this Halloween season so that you and your family can enjoy Halloween and all its festivities to the fullest. Practice these Halloween Pet Safety tips to keep your pets safe for a spooktacular Halloween!

First, Cosmo says Bee comfortable in your costume. Cosmo says he's quite comfy but not all pets tolerate dress-up. Make sure your pet has room to move normally, can see and breath (of course!), and watch for any parts that can be chewed off or ingested.

Do Bee a treat watcher. Cosmo always has his eye on the treats but chocolate and candy can be harmful and even deadly to pets. Cosmo says to keep the Halloween goodies secure and out of pets' reach and toss him a nice doggie treat every now and then!

Do Bee in a secure place in your home. Cosmo says he's a relaxed pup most of the time, but lots of doorbell ringing and squealing ghosts and goblins can put any pet on edge. Be sure to keep your pets in a safe, secure place so that no one slips out the door by accident. 

Don't Bee a candle tipper. While most of the year it may be safe to zoom around the house in a blur, Halloween candles are dangerous for playful pets. Keep candles WAY out of reach or consider some other kind of illumination this Halloween.

Do Bee a safe Bee and have a happy Halloween!

Cosmo is wearing the Top Paw Bee Costume from PetSmart!


  1. My Lily is going to bee too, you are cute!!
    Benny & Lily

  2. Lily -- Oh, we can't wait to see your bee too!
    Diane and Cosmo

  3. your bee photo caught my eye on the hop:)

    so cute!

  4. We've become big fans of the battery-operated (flameless) candles, and it doesn't matter if they tip. Cute costume, Cosmo!

  5. With the way of point public are fetching extra security alert and that is why the command for several protection equipments has improved. We carry them along with us but our pets repeatedly seemed to get troubled when they find jagged things. It is vital that we keep them in manage and give chief shelter to them.

  6. What a cute costume! And great tips you have there :)