Monday, December 26, 2011

Give a Virtual Angry Birds Toy and Hartz Will Donate to Shelter Pets

Here's a way to help shelter pets celebrate the new year, AND spread some joy to your Facebook friends at the same time.

Visit the Hartz Facebook page to send a virtual Angry Birds pet toy to Facebook friend, and for every virtual toy given, Hartz will donate $1 worth of products to shelters in need across the country up to $10,000. It's all part of its Toys for Tails program to help shelter pets start off the new year with a little extra fun.
Cosmo and his pal Susie play Angry Birds for two!
There's also still time to enter the Angry Birds Photo Contest for the chance to win a Hartz gift basket valued at approximately $350 retail.
And, if that's not enough, later this week we'll be doing our own Angry Birds toy giveaway on To Dog With Love! Check back here for the chance to win a nice Angry Birds toy prize pack from Hartz. Cosmo promises he's got a few extra toys stashed away he'll share with you!
Cosmo says, "I do not like to share my toys, but I'll do it for you... this time."


  1. what a clever idea, I'll have to check this out Diane. Hope you are enjoying the season. All the best


  2. Looks like a great thing Cosmo! I'll send mom to check it out. Hoping that you're having a wonderful holiday!

  3. This is a great cause Cosmo! But we are da same way, no sharing!!! Unless it fur good reason xoxoxo
    Those Angry Bird Toys rock don't they?

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  5. This is so fun! What a great idea. Also I love how authentic you seem to be. Your style and passion for blogging is contagious. Thank you for sharing your life!

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