Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New From Hill’s Science Diet: Grain-free foods and a special for To Dog With Love readers!

The folks at Hills, makers of Science Diet brand dog and cats foods, have provided us with a sneak peak at their newest formula. And now, To Dog With Love readers will get the chance to sample them before they hit stores in January. 

NEW from Hill's: Hill’s® Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ is unveiling its first grain-free foods from Science Diet for adult cats and dogs.
Pictured above, Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Grain Free Adult Chicken & Potato Dinner dog food, and Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Grain Free Adult Chicken & Potato Dinner cat food offer meat first, no corn and grain-free.

For kittens, adult cats, and mature adult cats, Hills is introducing additional Ideal Balance foods that are a meat-first and do not contain corn, and are made with vegetables like carrots, peas and broccoli.

Pictured above: Science Diet Ideal Balance Kitten Chicken & Brown Rice Dinner, Science Diet Ideal Balance Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Dinner, and Science Diet Ideal Balance Mature Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Dinner 

The folks at Hills say they want to provide options for pet parents and the philosophy behind Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance is to provide a line of natural foods for dogs and cats with
 natural ingredients in perfect balance.

Here's how To Dog With Love readers can sample the new foods first

For dog and cat owners: Be one of the first to post a comment on this post saying you'd like to sample the new food and I'll send you a code (compliment of Hill's) for a free bag of either Hill’s® Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ Grain Free Adult Chicken & Potato Dinner dog food or Hill’s® Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Dinner cat food.

Rules: The first 10 to comment on this post saying you'd like to sample the new food from Hill's will receive a promotion code for a free bag. The promo codes expire December 31, 2011. All product is being provided compliments of Hill's. Each bag is a $49 value, and these codes get you the product free, even shipping to your door. Shipping available to residents in U.S. only.

These codes are good for either product, dog or cat, the choice is yours! Hill's would also love to hear about your experience with the new food, so once you sample it, feel free to share your experience on the Hill's Facebook page.


  1. My dog Callie would love to try Hill's new grain free food! She has some food sensitivities and I have been looking for a food like this to feed her!

  2. Interesting, I'd like to try this. I've avoided Science Diet because it contains grain, and I'm committed to feeding grain-free (both my cats and dog). I want to avoid obesity and food allergies, and feeding grain-free seems like a good way to try that. I would definitely give Science Diet a try with this new formulation.

  3. Grain free is good. It doesn't give us itchiness
    Benny & Lily

  4. My kitties would love to try this! I have been waiting for Hill's Science Diet to come out with a grain-free food for cats. So glad they finally did!

    eastcoastgirl09 @ hotmail dot com

  5. I'd like to sample the new food from Hill's!! Thanks so much.

    Shelley P
    sscott2 at email dot com

  6. This a definitely a very good read for me!Keep posting!
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  7. I'd love for my dogs to try this! Great move, Science Diet. My email address: crzycoookies@yahoo.com

  8. I would love to try this I have 5 cats and 2 dogs, my cats loved science diet when they were kittens but they started getting sick so had to ahve grain free so this would be purrfect for them, Thanks science diet!

  9. my cat snuggles would love to try this. thank you science diet.
    my email is juliemitchell1991@gmail.com

  10. Amber,
    Can you let me know how to contact you so I can send you a promo code? Thanks!

  11. I have a Golden Retriever who is allergic to wheat... Would love a sample!

  12. Oops... Ignore the comment about the Golden Retriever, because that's ME! I just signed up, so you know who to send the code to! Thanks!

  13. Barclay - I don't see any contact info for you
    Amber - I don't have yours either.

    Please email me at diane (at) todogwithlove (dot) com and I can send promo codes to you both. They expire Saturday, Jan. 14 (they were extended) so don't dally!

  14. I would love to try it!

  15. Wish that I had come across this sooner, I just payed 47 something for a 25 lb bag for my pup. She loves the food and it is so healthy for her.
    Just to add she was recently diagnosed with liver failure and the formaula and ingredients in it have helped restore her from acting as a 14 year old (which she is) to a young playful pup. So worth the 47 dollars!
    There is also a rebate for a bag up to 12.99 on their site. I am going to take advantage of that as well and stock up on it. There was only 1 bag left when I went to Petsmart tonight to buy mine.

  16. Would love to try this for my bassett hound his name is Ralph, has always had some skin issues. Going broke trying to find the right grain free dog food for him.
    Jeanette O'Connor

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  18. my boo bahs would love to try this

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