Friday, April 6, 2012

Designing a Pet-Friendly Home with FLOR Carpet Squares

We love finding pet-friendly decor options, especially when they are both functional AND stylish.  So when we saw photos of the new FLOR styles, we were excited to check them out in person.

Lucky for us, there's a FLOR showroom in Atlanta. So Cosmo and I set out to look at all the new styles, and Cosmo made himself right at home!

What's unique about FLOR is that it comes as a system of carpet squares. So if you have little mishap in one are of the rug, you can remove that square to clean it in the sink. Or if it's a REALLY bad accident, you can replace it with a brand-new square.

The FLOR squares connect to each other (not your floor!) with FLORdots, so you can be really creative with them to make rugs of any size and design. It's a super easy DIY project or you can use their installation service

We love the practicality of FLOR, but what's really surprising is the number patterns, textures and colors from which to choose. 

From bright, saturated colors...

... to subtle neutrals in patterns and textures to keep things interesting.

Darker colors form an interesting geometric pattern.

Brights in stripes!

Pretty circles in a variety of colors...

And our favorite... a mod cow pattern with a pop of color in a yellow border!

FLOR squares are made using recyclable and renewable content too. And they'll take used squares back so they'll never end up in a landfill.

Check out more reasons why FLOR is a great option for a pet-friendly home and some of FLOR's newest styles too! We also like these handy design tools to help you create your own unique carpet or rug design.

Atlanta FLOR showroom. Dog not included!
Thank you Kimberly and Katherine for hosting us in the Atlanta FLOR showroom!


  1. oh I love all those styles, colors and shapes; it would be fun to decorate a kitty or dog house with those, and even use them on the walls.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! Those are great! I love all the different colors and patterns are available! I could use a bunch of those around here!

  3. We love FLOR. They are really pretty and really nice traction for senior dogs too.

  4. I'm kind of mildly obsessed with these after reading your post. This might be the perfect solution in my house.

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