Monday, July 16, 2012

Pool Safety Tips for Dogs and Some Wet and Wild Weekend Fun!

Nice and fluffy, before Cosmo's swimming adventure!
This weekend we visited with some great pals who have a Havanese AND a lovely in-ground pool... not that we don't love our own new pool. he he!

"Last one in the pool is a rotten egg!"
Double the fun, Miko, in the front, and Cosmo race around the pool before taking a dip! Just like kids, the pups need to be supervised around the pool. So be sure to read all the way down for some pool safety tips.

Two wet Havanese!
Cosmo and Miko learn quickly where the pool steps are located.  They're a nice place to hang out when you're not swimming, and also important for a dog to know when it comes time to exit the pool.

Miko shows off his excellent swimming skills and his knowledge of the step location!
Miko has been trained to swim to the steps, and he's built up his endurance so swimming the entire pool length is no trouble at all! Good dog!

"Um, how do I look in orange?"
Meantime, a wet and refreshed Cosmo goes right for a nice romp in the Georgia Red Clay. Only on Cosmo, it turned his fur orange. Luckily it rinsed right off.

Wet and wild!
The two boys get their zoomies on! In case you're wondering, Cosmo is Miko's uncle! Cosmo is 9 and Miko is 2.

Dog jumping
Cosmo displays his flying technique! ...

Wet Cosmo Havanese
"I sure did have a lot of fun!"
... while I work on some photography technique!

The dogs had a great time at the pool. But a few safety tips are always good to keep in mind before your next pool adventure!

Swimming pool safety tips for dogs

  • Discourage dogs from drinking too much pool water. While the occasional drink of swimming pool water likely won't hurt them, you don't want them to ingest too much chlorine. Keep fresh water for your pet both outside and inside to discourage drinks from the pool.
  • Teach them where the steps are located.  While you never want to leave pups unsupervised around a pool, it's important they know where to swim to so they can exit the pool on their own if needed. Still, you may want to assist them in exiting the pool to help build their confidence.
  • Never leave your pups unsupervised near a pool.  I mentioned this above and I can't mention it enough. Even if your dog knows where the steps are located, they might panic if they try to exit the pool from the side and they can't get out on their own. You wouldn't leave a baby alone by the pool. Don't leave your pet alone, either. And keep your eyes on them always.  Enough said.
  • Rinse your dog after a swim with fresh water. Pool chemicals likely are diluted enough that they won't harm your dogs skin or coat, but to be on the safe side, give your pup a rinsing after a dip in the pool. A bath isn't a bad idea too. For a long-coated dog like Cosmo, I like using a dog shampoo or conditioner designed to keep his coat and skin from drying out.
Happy Swimming!

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  1. Hey Cosmo,

    That looks like SO much fun - I've never been in a swimming pool, so great tips in case I get the chance one day :)

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

    1. I love to swim, and love zooming around after I'm wet even more! BOL!
      Your pal,

  2. Hot dog!! Pawsome swim! Wish I had a pawpal with a pool! *woof woof*

    1. Hiya pal! Miss you! I won't EVEN think about reminding you about pool toys... hee hee!
      Your pal,

  3. With a salt pool there is no need to rinse. Love the pool design. Glad yours do laps too. Not many havanese do so a bonus when you get one that loves it so much they will swim the length and then some and jump in too.

  4. That swimming pool looks really nice. What fun for Cosmo and Miko. Great pool tips for dogs. It's better to keep your pups safe rather than sorry.

    Happy Monday!

  5. Found you in the blog hope. Love the photos and tips, I do enjoy the look on a dogs face after a relaxing and safe swim.

  6. It looks like you and Miko had a blast! I never knew you could fly Cosmo, look at that air you got!

  7. first, that pool is friggin GORGEOUS!!! You both look like you are having the best time! Thanks so much for sharing these important pool safety tips with us as well!

    1. That pool is for sale! I told my friends I'd pass along the word in case anyone liked it! LOL! It IS an amazing and beautiful property but our pals are moving somewhere even better (if that's possible!)

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  9. Great tips... and an adorable set of models to illustrate them! :)

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