Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Best of BlogPaws 2012 in Pictures!

We finally downloaded our TONS of BlogPaws photos, and we've posted a few here. BlogPaws 2012 was jam-packed with fun and educational events and over much too soon. But what we always remember the most are the great pals we meet here, both old and new. 

So without further ado... our BlogPaws pals!

Starting with some old pals...

Cosmo with plush Cokie the Cat and fellow Havanese pal,  Jasmine, the shopping cart doggie!
Cosmo with Dexter from Fidose of Reality -- both have attending all four BlogPaws!
Rick Rockhill from Natural Balance with @SheldonGryffin and Cosmo and me!
And some new pals!

Cosmo whispers a secret to Animal Fair's Wendy Diamond, with her pup Baby Hope

Oh so serious... Cosmo with Tillman, the skateboarding star! The two were staring down some treats! We feel we know Tillman all too well from his Who Let the Dogs Out show on Animal Planet. But this was our first in-person meeting!

Then there are the large pals...

With Jane from Petfinder on the left, and Gunner, the handsome Great Dane
Cosmo with Twitter pal @BrutustheDane, editor of The Anipal Times

And the wee pals...

Cosmo with ferret @SnotfaceCritter!
Kitty pals came to BlogPaws too!

Coco, the Cornish Rex,  from Curlz and Swirlz. Coco generously delivered the nommiest treats to her pup pal, Cosmo, with the help of her mom Teri!

And some of our very first pals who we met on Twitter... 
Aimee, Laurie Ruettimann aka @MisterScrubby, Cosmo, me, Vicki Cook, Vicki Boatright aka BZTAT and @BunnyJeanCook on BZTAT's shoulder! Laurie led a great session on monetization.  Cosmo tried to eat the tiny @Brewskiebutt mug in Laurie's hand.

And sleepy pals!
Preston from Preston Speaks catches some zzzzs on the dog-friendly patio at Squatters Pub
And pals from far away...

Pepi Smart Dog's mom Michele spoke to us from Australia and showed this beautiful video. (tissue alert)

And don't forget the pals who you let muss your hair...

Dorian from Your Daily Cute gives Cosmo an updo, courtesy of the dry Salt Lake City air
Where else do you get to walk the red carpet with your best pal? ...
Cosmo with me before the Nose to Nose blogger award ceremonies. That's @CheshireK's mom, Robin,  behind us!  Robin also led a yoga class where dogs were welcome and relaxed like magic! 

 ... and with your anipals!
Heather with @BrutustheDane, Jennifer aka @IndyKitty, Theresa and flat Prudence aka @Tildatoo, @PumpkinPuddy, Robin aka @CheshireK, me and Cosmo, Kristin and @CokietheCat on the red carpet! 

And then BlogPawty the night away!

Some of our oldest longest-time Twitter pals work the live #BlogPawty event, broadcasting to the world! That me, Kristin (CokietheCat), Wanda (MaggieTKat), Vicki (BunnyJeanCook) and PumpkinPuddy! Cosmo's sleeping under the table.

And we can't forget our flat pet flashmob friends!

Flat pet pals... that's Bev, our leader, in the front middle!
Thanks to Bev, aka PetCareBev from P&G Pet Care,  for making the flashmob a huge success!

For more photos, visit our BlogPaws 2012 Album on Facebook.

'Til next year in Tysons Corner.... !


  1. Thanks for including BJC and me in your Blogpaws post! As always it was great to see you and Cosmo again! xo

    1. I love the pic with BJC on BZTAT's shoulder! Great to see you too!

  2. Thanks for including us. I need to do a doggie post, too. Cosmo and Dex are BFFs and I think you are pawsome, too, Diane!

  3. It was so much fun to finally meet all the "anipals"! What a great post, with so many fond memories. It was a great time.

  4. It was so fun hanging out with you and Cosmo - What would BlogPaws be like without you two? That was a pretty special moment with that photo op. Can't wait til next year!

  5. Terrific pictures! Thanks for including mom and flat me! BlogPaws was terrific, as usual!

  6. What a pawsome wrap-up! You took so many great pictures. I didn't take enough this year... Good thing there's a next year to make up for it!

    And I love Cosmo's updo. Very styling. I was only trying to help. ;)

  7. what a wonderful even i hope i can go to the next blogpaws :D it would be wonderful and awesome to do photography of that event :)

    please give a belly rub to that handsome havanese of yours (aka Cosmo)...

  8. And who's having the MOST fun at the Twitter BLOGPAWTY Table?? That would be Cosmo's mom - who apparently ROCKS OUT at home when she helps Cosmo DJ at Pawties!

    Great post bébé!


    Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider

  9. MOWZERS! Snotface! Preston! Coco! And HUMANS efurrywhere! Mommy sez she is GOING NEXT YEAR! For REALZ!!