Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pet Blogger Gift Exchange

One of our favorite things about the blogosphere is meeting new people and discovering new blogs that are full of things we love. That's why we were super excited to participate in the Pet Blogger Gift exchange, the brilliant idea from Pamela at Something Wagging This Way Comes.

Pamela paired up each participating blogger, and the idea is for us to exchange gifts of encouragement, compliments and a little bit of link love!

I was randomly paired with Elizabeth at My Life in Blog Years, who is one of the hosts of Black and White Sundays, the weekly blog hop featuring -- obviously -- black and white photos! If you haven't checked it out yet, head over there today, and you might be inspired to try your own hand at black and white.

Here's one of Elizabeth's photos, above, featuring her pups Penny and Luna.

Other things I learned about My Life in Blog Years... and worth checking out:

  • Elizabeth is a fabulous photographer. And not just in black and white.
  • Get your checkbook ready when you head to Elizabeth's blog and Etsy shop, Pretty Shiny Object, for affordable and stylish handcrafted jewelry. You'll probably find more than one thing you like!
  • For more pretty eye candy to brighten your day head to Elizabeth's Pinterest page.
I also learned that both her dogs have tried their paw at agility, a sport that's close to my own heart. 

Happy holidays, Elizabeth! I'm glad to get to know your blog better and hopefully some of your photography expertise will rub off on me!

Here's one more lovely photo from My Life in Blog Years, above.  Elizabeth shares a few of her photo techniques here.

Now, head on over to the Blog Hop to check out some of the other bloggers participating in the gift exchange.


  1. I've been a fan of Elizabeth, Penny & Luna for a while now and you're right...She takes stunning photographs...wish I was that good

  2. Very beautiful photography...I love the black and white. Thanks much for sharing! I'm certainly going over to her blog!

    Purrs, Miss Kitty's Mom

  3. It wasn't until I came to read your post that I realized what a good match you were to My Life in Blog Years. Both your blogs have such a lovely and distinctive visual style.

    Your post certainly highlighted Elizabeth's sense of style.

    Thanks so much for joining in the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange. I hope you and Rocco have many blessings in the New Year!

  4. Love the photos, going to check out her blog!

  5. It was dog food. Beef livers with onions in a can. You open it up and it looks like vomit.

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