Thursday, March 21, 2013

Enter Your Pup to Be the Face of Bark for Your Park

Enter your pup's photo by March 25 for a chance to be the face of  PetSafe's  Bark for Your Park!
PetSafe is looking for the cutest, most popular pups in America to serve as the furry faces of its annual Bark for Your Park contest. The company is asking pet owners across the country to submit photos of their dogs in a search for three precious pups whose likeness will be featured as the "hero dogs" on the Bark for Your Park contest website.

To enter, visit the PetSafe Facebook page and upload a photo of your dog. Entries will be accepted from March 11 - March 25, 2013 and America will vote on its favorite furry faces once per day from March 26-April 10. PetSafe will announce the winners on April 10.

Petsafe's third annual Bark for Your Park nationwide contest will launches on May 1. Bark for Your Park awards U.S. cities funding for local dog parks.

“PetSafe loves building dog parks, but more basic than that, we love dogs!” said Randy Boyd, president and CEO of PetSafe. “While every dog is a hero in the hearts of the families who love them, we’re in search of three of the most adorable, most beloved dogs as voted by America to serve as the faces of the 2013 Bark for Your Park contest.”

The top three pooches with the most votes will each be named a “Hero Dog” for the 2013 Bark for Your Park contest, and an illustration based on each winning dog’s image will be featured on the contest website, Facebook and other materials. The submitted winning photos of each dog with their names and stories will also be displayed on the PetSafe website.

Citizens and pet owners across the U.S. are also encouraged to start planning to nominate their city for the Bark for Your Park contest on starting May 1. This year, PetSafe has increased the prize money and will award a total of $200,000 in funding for communities to build off-leash dog parks.


  1. We've gone over and entered...thanks for sharing

  2. We entered too...what a fun idea! Thanks for letting us know!!

  3. Ohhh, hope all our pals win! That'll be cool!
    Diane and Rocco

  4. I've always thought my dogs are the cutest dogs ever. This is a good way to find out if others think so too! ;)

  5. Fun! I will have mom stop by that page!

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