Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Newest IABCA International Puppy Champion!

Havanese Messi, second dog back in the red fur, took a Toy Dog Group 1 and went on to win Best in Show! 
This past weekend Rocco and I entered the IABCA Dog Show in Marietta, Ga.!  The International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA) hosts European style dog shows in the U.S. so that more Americans have the chance to experience this type of event without having to travel to Europe.

Some of the Toy Group competitors
What's cool about this event is that everyone entered gets a written evaluation from the judges and a rating number so you know exactly how your pup stacks up against the breed standard. And what's even cooler is that more than one dog per breed can get a top rating number, so you're really competing against the breed standard rather than against each other.

With four shows in one weekend -- two each day -- a dog can earn an International Title in just one weekend. An adult dog needs three top ratings (or qualifying scores)  to earn an International Title while a puppy can earn a National Title with three qualifying scores and an International Title with four qualifying scores.

And while the shows are not competition based, there still is a judging for Group and Best in Show winners to recognize the top dogs. But for less experienced dogs and handlers it's a great way to get lots of practice in just one weekend and have the opportunity to win a Title! 

Rocco's evaluations from the 6-9 month puppy class
Here's a look at Rocco's evaluations, above. The show was a great experience for us, and gave Rocco and I the chance to learn a lot inside and outside the show ring!

Rocco puts on his game face
Rocco was entered in the 6-9 month Puppy Class. And at barely six months of age, Rocco was one of the youngest eligible to win both a National and International Puppy Title.  So how did the young pup do?

Rocco shows what he's made of, while I help!
Rocco earned four qualifying scores, making him a National and International Puppy Champion! And even more importantly, we both had a great time, visiting with old friends and meeting some lovely pups!

Some photos of a few more dogs who made it to the championship ring.... all beautiful dogs!

To find an IABCA show near you, check out their calendar of events.


  1. Wowee, that's absolutely incredible Rocco!!! Congratulations on such a fantastic weekend! You're going to be a Puppy ring Protege for sure! Glad you enjoyed yourself too! :-D

  2. Yea Rocco!!! You did great!!! What a super cute pup you are!!!

  3. Oh my what fun! Adorable
    Benny & Lily

  4. Pawesome job, my young pal!!! And don't forget...your Limerick is posted!!!
    *high paws*

    1. LOVE the limerick! I'm heading back there now to leave a comment! Wheee!
      Diane and Rocco

  5. Congrats to Rocco for doing so well! We loved your limerick over on Oz's blog today

    1. So did we! The limerick month is such a fun idea!

  6. Hi Rocco!!! This is Greta at the Idaho PugRanch. I am an agility pup in training also!! Mom hopes I will be her first agility pug. I think it is a blast. Very nice to meet you! Loved your limerick over at OZ's.
    Bailey & Hazel too

  7. Congratulations on your win, Rocco! It looks like an interesting event.:)

  8. How on earth can you tell that that's Rocco's game face? ;)

    What a handsome pup. His evaluation is great!

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