Friday, March 8, 2013

Rocco Havanese tries out Brainy Bones Puzzle Toys #giveaway

Rocco tries out the Brainy Bones Tug-a-Bone
Brainy Bones come in three styles:
Tug-a-Bone, Whirl-a-Bone and Peek-a-Bone
We love interactive dog toys.  They provide a fun and stimulating way to put your pup's mind AND body to work. And for a young pup like Rocco, interactive toys help keep him busy -- and out of trouble --  so he'll grow and develop into the great dog I know he is!

So we were super excited to hear about a new interactive, treat-dispensing puzzle toy from Brainy Bones. We gave the Brainy Bones a test run recently and if you read all the way down, you can enter for a chance to win your own Brainy Bones!

First a look at some of the Brainy Bones features that we love:
  • USA engineered and designed
  • Constructed from pet-safe, highly durable recyclable rubber material
  • Three styles present unique challenges that require skill, manipulation and thought
Even a young pup can benefit from the stimulation and lessons provided by Brainy Bones. Rocco began testing these out when he was four months old! 

Rocco tugs and pulls at the Tug-a-Bone until it starts to open
We started by filling the Brainy Bones with Rocco's puppy kibble. He enjoyed working at it with his mouth and paws to reach the prize inside!

It didn't take long for Rocco to solve the puzzle! My pup's a brainiac!

Rocco enjoys the prize inside! Fill it with treats, kibble or any other favorite goody. We also tried freezing one filled with canned dog food, providing even more long-lasting, tasty enjoyment! 

Take a look at Rocco in action!

Win your own Brainy Bones!

One lucky winner will win a Brainy Bones Whirl-a-Bone AND a Tug-a-Bone! Enter via Rafflecopter below. U.S. winners only. Giveaway is open until 11:59 p.m. ET on March 23. 

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Brainy Bones provided us with products to test and give away. The opinions expressed herein are entirely our own. 


  1. What makes my dog a brainiac is that she will do just about anything I tell her and know what I'm saying!

  2. My dog is a senior brainiac and I think he'll love this toy - he enjoys figuring things out for himself, making him a brainiac.

  3. My puppy is a brainiac b/c at 6 weeks he knows how to sit and shake ;)

  4. Both my guys are brainiacs! They are corgis!

  5. I say Gizmo is a brainiac because he understands the need to stay close when we're out off-leash hiking...he never strays far and checks in frequently and he's figured that out all by himself

  6. Looks like fun! I have some puzzles that I like to play with sometimes.

  7. Romeo knows how to sneak around and take whatever he wants and then hide it in a place where he knows I cannot access it.

  8. My Aussie/Border Collie mix Pierson so needs a Brainy Bones! He is a super smart dog and it can sometimes be a challenge to keep him entertained. :)

  9. Oh this looks like a great toy for Tuiren. It would give her something to do when she has to be crated for her heartworm treatment.

  10. Please don't enter us. Dakota won this on Peggy Frezon's blog months ago and neither one of us care of it much

  11. Looks like fun Rocco. Shiner is a braniac because she knows how to open doors... now if only I could get her to close them behind her...

  12. Shiloh is a traditional braniac- he knows tons of commands- even knows how to put his toys away! He excels at agility, can figure out advanced puzzle toys... Cheyenne knows basic commands but few tricks. She has no interest in agility, and doesn't attempt puzzle toys- but she's just as smart as Shiloh. But she's sneaky about it. She *can* figure out the puzzle toys, but first judges how much work would go into getting the treats out and whether it's worth it. Instead, she usually opts to wait and watch while Shiloh does the work, then swoops in trying to steal the treat. If I give them both a bone, she knows she can't take his right from him. So instead she look up suddenly and run to the door. Shiloh follows barking, thinking someone is there. Cheyenne circles back, sits on his bone and continues to eat hers. Shiloh comes back in very confused- he couldn't find the visitor at the door and now can't find his bone either!

  13. My grand-dog Chloe would love this but Max would just look at it, then me again, and walk away looking sad...then I'd feel bad and give him a treat ha!

  14. Rocco is just so adorable as he uses that noggin of his! I could watch this all day!

    I love toys like this and will have to see if they are available in Canada. Someone's birthday is coming up after all...

  15. This could keep my boy out of trouble.... maybe :)

  16. Pepper is very good at making me do what she wants. Does that make her a brainiac? BOL!

  17. My pet is a brainiac because he can work the all the dog puzzles, he can also remove treats from the plastic Easter eggs without breaking the egg.

  18. I'd love to give these a try with my rescue buddy!

  19. What a smart dog! While at the pet expo, I saw a kibble maze. The dog uses its nose or tongue to work the kibble from the center to the end.

  20. Love these kinds of toys. Am looking for just this kind of thing for my Emily! Thanks for the review!

  21. My dog, Ella, knows about 30 toys by name which makes her my Brainiac : )

  22. My Bichon Frise Pierre is a Brainiac because he always gets his way. Most of the time, I don't even realize I've been under his spell. He uses his cuteness as a tool.

  23. My doh is a brainiac because she knows to ring the bells hanging on the backyard sliding door if she needs to go potty and if my son is doing something bad then she comes and finds me and barks. She also will put my sons toys away, one by one.

  24. Sugar is a Rat Terrier that is a better mouser than all of our five cats put together. I think that makes her a brainiac.

  25. On a dog walk on a very warm day, I noticed my one dog switching sides and getting behind me, which was very unusual. Turns out he was using my shadow as shade from the sun. Smart boy! :)

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