Thursday, May 23, 2013

Help Pets Play Their Way To Fitness with Project: Pet Slim Down From Purina

It's hard for us to even imagine that more than half of America’s pets are overweight. According to a 2011 Pet Obesity Study, 53 percent of dogs and 55 percent of cats in the United States are overweight or obese. That's a serious problem, but it's a problem that can be overcome with something as simple -- and rewarding -- as spending more time playing together!

Rocco on the fly!
I love playing, training, walking and running with Rocco, and not only is it good for him, but it also gets me out and going! So when we learned about Project: Pet Slim Down from Purina, we thought this was a pretty cool thing to share. In fact, read all the way down to learn how you can win your own Project: Pet Slim Down fitness kit!

Project: Pet Slim Down from Purina has already begun a year-long collaboration with Target. It's a free online program that helps pets reach an ideal weight. You’ll find weight-loss tips, success stories, digital coupons and more by visiting

A fit pet is more than healthy—he’s happy

Improved health is an important benefit of regular exercise/activity for pets. But, according to a survey commissioned by Purina, the biggest benefits noted by owners surveyed are emotional. Owners also play with their pets to reap emotional rewards, such as fun, stress relief and bonding.

Pets are a powerful motivator to help get people moving. If your dog is hooked on a daily walk or run, it can help you commit to physical activity as well.

Enter our Project: Pet Slim Down Giveaway!

Enter via Rafflecopter below to win a dog pedometer and $25 Target gift card from Project: Pet Slim Down from Purina.  Giveaway is open until June 5 at 12 a.m. ET. U.S. only. 

And, don't forget to come by and visit us at the FitDog Friday Blog Hop tomorrow! 


  1. following on GFC and yes he's pretty fit

  2. We are huge fans of FitDog Friday! I am so happy to see a push for happy and healthy dogs. You have such a great point that exercising with your dog can encourage you to stay healthy and fit too!

  3. What a wonderful project...there are far too many pups and kitties out there that are overweight!! :-D I'm as svelte as I get, thanks to lots of agility, running at the dog park, hikes, and eating right! :-D

  4. How cool! Great project of Purina. We know that Rocco can fly. We would like to join the giveaway. Golden Woofs

  5. Our blog is all about fun but our two "causes" that we really feel strongly about are pet dental health and pet fitness, so we love Fitdog Friday and Rocco sure does look like a speed devil!

  6. Schooner is over weight......we call it his winter spread. We have been walking and playing fetch. The last time we went to the vet he had lost 4 pounds. We still a long way to go for his idea weight. A dog pedometer would be perfect for us. Skipper is helping Schooner lose weight by chasing him around the yard! We have at least 26 more pounds to go.

  7. Toby is fit , but Sushi is overweight. Toby is a youngin with all the energy and Sushi is 13 and older. But, surprizingly still has some pep left.

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    GFC Follower: Amy Orvin

  9. My dog Frankie over the winter months got 'pudgy' due to age and lack of exercise. His arthritis kept him from running in the snow. I had a vet check up,put him on med.'s for pain and switched out some of his kibble with veggies. We are almost back to out ideal weight.

  10. I am happy to say that all of my dogs and my cat are of a good weight and body condition.

  11. Keeping my older girl at a good weight is a constant battle, but she's where she should be right now. My younger dog is easy to keep in shape- he's so active and high energy I don't have to worry about giving him too many treats.

  12. My pup is a little on the heavier side

  13. Both my dogs are fit, but I won't let them be couch potatoes or maybe they won't let me be one.

  14. He's fit and just the right size

  15. Heather Hayes PanjonJune 1, 2013 at 9:22 PM

    I Have Two Dogs Named Simon And Rascal They Are A Bit Overweight Due To The Long Cold Winter

  16. One of my cats (Titus) is very chubby!! The other one is a bit crazier and keeps slim running all over the place. :)

  17. Murphy is a bit overweight from the winter. :( We have been taking daily walks to try to get some weight off

  18. 6 of my dogs are fit but I have one that is overweight. Her name is Itsy LOL She LOVES to eat and I'm having trouble getting her portions correct. I've never had to worry about this with any of my other dogs so this is a challenge.

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