Tuesday, August 20, 2013

C.E.T Dental Chews Review for EntirelyPets.com

Do you brush your dog's teeth?

Much as we're trying to do it right, I still reach for a good dental chew more often than the toothbrush.

That's why I jumped at the chance to review some of the dental chews available at EntirelyPets.com, a vet operated site that provides a wide selection of pet products at great prices.

I've been a big fan of the C.E.T. Chews for a while. The Enzymatic Chews -- that look like a chew chip -- were an old favorite of Cosmo's. He loved these chews and especially loved the HEXtra variety, which contain chlorhexidine, an antiseptic that is supposed to help clean your dog's mouth every time the dog chomps down on the C.E.T chews.

I never brushed Cosmo's teeth and he had really nice choppers. Chalk it up to the C.E.T. Chews?  Perhaps.

So I started Rocco on dental chews pretty early, even though I'm also attempting to brush his teeth with another C.E.T. product you can also get on EntirelyPets.com.  Rocco likes the C.E.T Enzymatic chews we were sent (for dogs 11-25 pounds), but he tends to carry them around the house rather than chew them. 

He does like and will chew the smaller size C.E.T. Chews for dogs 11 pounds and under that we had previously purchased. 

So we moved on to the VeggieDent Chews which look more like a thick jerky strip.  

Rocco snatched it out of my hand with gusto and ran off to his closest bed to enjoy his new chew! He LOVES the VeggieDent chews. And while they are a faster chew than the Enzymatic chew chips, it still lasted for a full 10 minutes of chewing pleasure!

Rocco is a good chewer and chewed it thoroughly, which is exactly what you want your pup to do. Gulping whole chews is less effective and can be harmful too, so you want to watch how your dog chews to make sure this type of chew works for them. 

C.E.T. VeggieDent works with the dog's chewing action to reduce plaque and loosen tartar. We think these are a great addition to a good oral hygiene program, which includes brushing your pup's teeth to keep breath fresh and teeth clean.

We would definitely order both these chews again and I haven't found a better price than you can get at EntirelyPets.com. Also, if you join their fan page on Facebook you'll get early access to deals, news, and exclusive offers.  Like Entirely Pets on Facebook and use "LIKEUS10EP" to receive 10 percent off your order!

Disclaimer: EntirelyPets.com provided the products mentioned in this post as well as monetary compensation in exchange for our honest review.  All opinions expressed herein are entirely our own.


  1. If your dog is a good chewer, there may be no need to brush his teeth often. Pierson gets his brushed every day because he eats poop, but Maya doesn't need it as often. They get dental chews too. I have yet to find one that they actually take the time to chew. I will have to check this stuff out.

  2. We brush out teeth every night before bed and when we lived in Germany, we ate these treats and bought their toothpaste too. Good and healthy stuff!

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  9. Entirely Pets/Healthy Pets has gone down the toilet this past two years. Yes the CET chews are great for dogs but Entirely Pets/Healthy Pets is acting like they are going out of business!

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