Monday, December 30, 2013

Most Popular Pet Names of 2013

Rocco's name did not make the Top 10
 list but Rocky did
Banfield Pet Hospital has released  the top pet names of 2013, pulled from its database of nearly 2.5 million pets nationwide.

As the records revealed, pet owners looked high and low to find inspiration for their pets' names in 2013, including some of the year's hottest films, celebrity news and pop culture, while other pet names seemed to have an origin uniquely all their own.

Pet Owners Think Inside the Box Office

As the newest film release in the popular series, "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," broke box office records over the Thanksgiving weekend, the film was also racking up points with pet owners. Banfield Pet Hospital observed five times as many cats named after the film's heroine, "Katniss" over 2012. 

Others chose to jazz things up a bit, naming their pets after the hit remake of the twenties classic, "The Great Gatsby." Banfield saw twice as many dogs and cats named "Gatsby" in 2013 versus 2012, including nifty adaptations such as "The Great Fatsby."

"The Twilight Saga" certainly left its lasting impression on pet owners with "Bella" holding its rank as the most popular name for dogs, and second most popular for cats in 2013.

What's Trending in "Pup" Culture?

No doubt pet owners were keeping an eye on the tabloids this year, as Banfield Pet Hospital saw twice as many dogs named "North" or "North West" compared to 2012, after Kim Karsdashian and Kayne West welcomed 2013's celebrity baby of the year.

Other pop culture personalities who made a big bang in the pet world in 2013 include "Sheldon," "Penny" and "Leonard" from CBS's award-winning TV series, "The Big Bang Theory."

Strangest Pet Names of 2013

While the origin of some pet names is easy to identify, there are others that never cease to amaze, securing their spot on Banfield's list of the strangest pet names of 2013. The following is a list of the strangest pet names to have pranced into a Banfield Pet Hospital in 2013.

1.  Leonardo Da Poochie  Captain Huggy Pants
6. Captain Huggy Pants
2.  Luke Grasswalker
7. Pouncer Von Thunderpaws
3.  Darth Baine Von Chicken Nugget
8. Mr. Montgomery Mittens
4.  Chubs Carpoochi
9. Binx, "The Great Fatsby"
5.  Smashy Von Chickensnacks
10. Tobethius Mcsnugglepants

Top 10 Pet Names of 2013

As uniquely inspired as the peculiar and pup culture pet names may be, only "Bella" was trendy enough to top the 10 list, ranking high for both dogs and cats.

In fact, Banfield Pet Hospital's top 10 pet names of 2013 are considerably tamer than those influenced by the year's biggest blockbusters and certainly less wild than those on the strangest list. The following is a list of the top 10 pet names of 2013 based on 2.5 million Banfield Pet Hospital clients.

1.  Bella
1. Kitty
2.  Max
2. Bella
3.  Buddy
3. Tiger
4.  Daisy
4. Max
5.  Coco
5. Shadow
6.  Lucy
6. Smokey
7.  Bailey
7. Tigger
8.  Charlie
8. Lucy
9.  Molly
9. Chloe
10. Rocky
10. Charlie

Did your pet's name make the list?


  1. BOL funny some of those strange ones were.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. All my furbabies have Japanese names, so they typically don't make lists like this (at least here in the US). I won't be naming any of my cats Maru, either, since it's becoming commonplace thanks to the popularity of the cat named Maru in Japan that has videos all over the internet.

  3. Brofur Kuruk's name is unique! He'll never be on that list.
    Zoe, however seems very common. Me-Ommmmm

  4. Actually I am THRILLED that mine didn't! Dakota (which means "trusted friend" didn't) and Cody (my cat) didn't....I LOVE that they are unique!

  5. I love looking at list like that and seeing if 'Dina' is on there. Never is and that makes me happy: I'm creative (well, a bit)!

    Dina Mom

  6. My baby sis kind of made the list but she spells her name Bailie...close enough I think. I was on the top 10 list when I was a pup, but now Emma has moved down the rankings.

  7. Fun! When I was a kid, we had a cat named Tiger and a dog named Rocky. But as an adult I try to be more creative. For a while, I was naming my pets from history or mythology - Patra (Cleopatra), Achilles, Sephi (Persephone), and Maya (Matamaya or Mayadevi).

  8. Nope!! Faolan is the one people ask me about most frequently. It is Gaelic for "Little Wolf"

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