Monday, March 31, 2014

4 Fun Water Adventures To Experience With Your Pup

Guest Post

You and your dog are kindred spirits — two peas in a pod who share the same zeal for outdoor adventures.

From evening walks to weekend hikes, being outdoors with your pal is the favorite time of day.

If your wanderlust has kicked in, and you're yearning for a getaway, bring the pup and plan an adventurous trip to any of these fun and aquatic destinations.

Surfing in SoCal

Break away from playing catch at the dog park and going on neighborhood walks. Go on a beachy vacay and take your pooch surfing in sunny Southern California. Riding ocean waves will be a thrilling experience of a lifetime, especially compared to diving into the backyard pool.

SoCal Surf Dogs in San Diego provides fun dog-surfing experiences, as well as techniques that help position your pup on the board and ride a wave. Before becoming a pro SurFUR, your fur ball first-timer just needs the courage to take on the first wave and endure a few wipeouts.

You'll join SoCal Surf Dogs surfing enthusiasts and pet owners while teaching your pooch to get on the board with two paws, by jumping on or using the tail dip technique. Whether your dog learns to surf like a pro or would rather just splash in the waves, the surfing experience will create a special bond and memories. It's also a great workout and fun way to meet other furry friends.

Fishing in Colorado

Escape to the serene streams and relaxing rivers of Denver, Colorado. Drop a line and enjoy your pooch by your side while soaking in the splendor of the Rocky Mountains and tranquility of the mountain waters.

Denver's Cherry Creek State Park and Standley Lake are paradises that offer bountiful rainbow trout and carp. Accompanied by your loyal sidekick, you'll cast your spinning reel into the 880-acre Cherry Creek Reservoir to hopefully hook a trophy walleye, largemouth bass or wiper.

You can also sit on the shoreline of Standley Lake and fish for striper, sunfish and bluegill. Visit for more Colorado fishing destinations. Acquire park passes and fishing licenses at Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

Sailing Excursion in Wisconsin

Set sail on Lake Superior for an aquatic adventure into the famous Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, also known as "The Jewels of Lake Superior." Equipped with emergency PFDs and the proper Wisconsin boating license, all you need is an explorer's curiosity and the great company of man's best friend.

After launching from charming Bayfield, discover 12 miles of awe-inspiring islands that will captivate your Wisconsin wanderlust. Alongside your furry friend, you can cruise through hidden sea caves, among mysterious ship wrecks and past stunning rock formations.

After a day of island touring and relaxation, return to the mainland to continue the excursion in Bayfield. Check out the fresh catches of the day and local fare like the homemade wine bread and delicious vegetable casserole. Also head out to the Bayfield apple orchard or berry farm and wander to museum exhibits and art galleries.

Kayaking in Austin

Coast along Lady Bird Lake with your pup and enjoy the sunshine while paddling in a kayak.

Sharon Chapman, a contributor for Austin 360, loves the social experience of kayaking with her dog Ginger and being out on the water. The aquatic activity provided respite from the summer Texas heat and quality time with her pet.

The Canine Center for Training and Behavior offers kayaking dog training classes for newbies. The Texas Rowing Center and the Rowing Dock also offer kayak rentals for Lady Bird Lake. Zilker Park Boat Rentals welcomes dogs to join canoeing and kayaking trips on Barton Springs as well, but keep in mind life jackets aren't provided.

Guest post by Laura Thomas, a groomer, hiker and dog mom.


  1. Cool ideas. Now the weather is picking up a bit of watery fun sounds good to us. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I dunno if I have the self control to stay in a kayak when I could be swimming beside it! But these ideas sure sound fun!

  3. These sound like SO MUCH FUN! :D We'd love to go kayaking again (this time with all three and see how we do! Lol) The sailing sound amazing too. Not sure about the fishing or the surfing though :)

  4. Great post! I totally want to try some of these activities with my dog now. - Petnetio Anu