Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How Hilo Got His Groove Back #HillsPet

During the past few months we've been bringing you stories about new Hill's Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution and how it's helping overweight cats and dogs lose weight safely without feeling deprived. Today we're bringing you a real life story of a handsome pup named Hilo who's begun his weight loss journey!

We love a good weight loss transformation story, don't you?!

Hilo, handsome boy
Please meet Hilo! He's a handsome 6-year-old White German Shepherd Dog who belongs to Jennifer at Sweeptight.com. He's lived with Jennifer since he was a little puppy and a bundle of happy energy!

Puppy Hilo

About six months ago, Hilo's hips seemed to be bothering him. With bigger breeds, hip issues are pretty common as they get older. But during a vet visit, Hilo received a surprise diagnosis.

"You need to lose a few extra lbs my pal," said the vet.

"I'm just fluffy," said Hilo, "I don't have a weight problem… look how handsome I am!"

But the vet was insistent and suggested that Hilo take 8-9 pounds off his 102.2-pound frame.

"Since you're a larger breed and prone to hip problems you need to stay on the slim side. Seeing ribs will be ideal," added the vet.

Being about Hilo's size myself, I can tell you that 8-9 pounds is a pretty good amount to try and lose. But Hilo got a little help from Hill's to help him on his dog weight loss journey.

Hilo enjoys a satisfying meal on the Hill's Metabolic diet

Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution activates metabolism to regulate appetite and burn fat. So pets feel full and satisfied and you don't feel like you're depriving your pet of their favorite food and snacks.

Jennifer says they've found it extremely easy to help Hilo loose weight with the Hill's Metabolic formula. Hilo absolutely loves the food and treats and is well on his journey to his weight loss goals.

Hilo can be picky about his treats, but he gobbles up these bones from the Hill's diet!
That's right! Your pup even gets to have dessert on the Hill's Metabolic diet!

Jennifer says now that Hilo's started to shed some fluff, he has more energy than ever! He's running around the yard like crazy and zipping up the steps with ease!

He's even having more fun playing in the backyard with his brother the Grump!

Jennifer says probably the biggest change is that Hilo seems to genuinely want to be more active. Before he was content to lay around all day long and they'd have to coax him to get up. Now he comes to his folks and lets them know it's time to go out and play!

Hilo hasn't had his final weigh-in yet, but he sure seems to be well on his way to his weight loss goals. And other pets are enjoying the same success. Without any strict protocols or precise measuring, 88 percent of pets in a veterinarian supervised in-home study lost weight with Hills Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution Food.

We just love a good weight loss success story! Way to go Hilo!

Thanks to Jennifer at Sweeptight.com for sharing her story and for providing all the images in this post!

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  1. What a handsome shepherd! My Magical-Dawg sends GSD greetings. Way ta go, Hilo!

  2. Great job. Hilo really is looking handsome! It's so good to hear that he's running around the yard and taking on the stairs now. Keep up the good work. Thanks so much for sharing Hilo's story.

  3. I have a post on him coming up Thursday. Pet weight loss stories are always awesome!

  4. It's great to see dogs get in shape and have more energy :)