Monday, August 4, 2014

Flowers for Fido: 6 Dog-Friendly Plants and Blooms

Guest post

Fresh flowers bring an air of elegance and delicate fragrance to the interior of any home, which is why flowers and plants make wonderful gifts for the birthdays and housewarmings of those you hold dear.

However, you could be putting your loved ones' four-legged family members at risk.

Though daffodils and American holly bring delightful colors to one's house, they are toxic to dogs if ingested. The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) reports that more than 559 plants and flowers are poisonous to dogs.

To ensure the well-being of your furry companions, we suggest six of the best plants and flowers that are non-toxic to pets.


The classic and beautiful rose is among the pet-friendliest of flowers. Roses are a perfect and safe compliment to your own home and a thoughtful gift to send afar, especially if your intended recipient has pets. Your gif tee can rest assured in knowing that a lovely bouquet will compliment their home without compromising the health of their dog.

Add a personal theme to your gift by choosing a color of rose that represents a certain sentiment—red for love, yellow for thankfulness, white for high regard, or orange for fervor.


Bamboo makes an ideal dog-safe gift for indoor ornamentation. In addition to being non-toxic and possessing antibacterial properties, this plant has many symbolic interpretations in various cultures. You can give an organic present to a loved one representing ideas like friendship, as believed in India, or longevity, as believed in China.


The thriving and long-lasting marigold is another pet-safe flower that also makes a thoughtful gift. The marigold is easy to maintain and is surrounded by much superstition and religious context. These colorful flowers are frequently used as offerings in churches and are considered a flower of humility. Potted marigolds, even if consumed by a precocious pup, would not cause toxicity.

Money Tree

A plant that is both emblematic and non-toxic, the money tree can be safely sent to a recipient without posing a threat to their pet. The money tree is denotative of wealth and prosperity. It is a present of well wishes, good luck in fiscal matters and good health in one's home.

African Violet

These fragile, purple perennial flowers do well indoors, and they make a sound choice for a home with pets. Symbolizing devotion, the pretty petals of the African violet pose no threat to curious canines and make a colorful accent for a sophisticated living room.


Wheatgrass is the opposite of toxic and offers health benefits to humans and dogs alike. Offering a shock of stunning green by itself, or a touch of texture to a bouquet, wheatgrass is edible and acts as a detoxifier.

The flavorful grass helps regulate the digestive system of owners and their normally carnivorous pets. Symbolically, wheatgrass is considered to be indicative of life and new growth.

Though blooms and foliage are endearing and gracious gifts, when sending these organic tokens of affection it is imperative to consider your choice carefully. With so many varieties of plants and flowers that pose a potential hazard to all of a household's members. It's best to choose a prudent, non-toxic gift that best represents how much you care.


  1. Yes we often forget some plants are toxic. Violets are one of our favourites. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I like to dig up Mom's flowers but I stay clear of da Marigolds. I think they smell stinky.
    Pees…. thanks for the great info. Mom made notes.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Good info since we usually hear about the poisonous plants
    Lily & Edward

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