Friday, September 26, 2014

Agility Practice with Pals

Last weekend we had an off weekend from agility trials, but instead we headed up the road to get in some practice with our pals Johann, Gracie, young Rach and their mum.

We met up at the Canine Ranch which is like a Disneyland for dog sports, but on this day we were focusing on agility.

It's about an hour drive from where we live, so it's not a place we can go every day. But I like taking Rocco to different venues so he can get used to practicing with all sorts of new distractions around him.

We had a fun time alternating our runs with Johann and Gracie, and even young Rach got a chance to try out a few new things with the help of his mum.

They had a nice course set up with the opportunity to practice a lot of handling skills we're working on like rear crosses, backside jumps and a fast entry to the weaves coming out of a shoot,

We got our last run of the day on video… a little bit slower than the first ones, but still a great job and a lot of fun running with Rocco! Take a look!

After practice we took a walk around the grounds which includes a nice wooded path alongside a creek.

We did all that before lunch time, so after agility practice and our walk, we found a nice place for lunch where we could eat outside and relax. It was another fun day with pals and a great day to get outside and run around!

We have another agility trial this weekend and then the next few weekends off. What fun activities do you have planned for this weekend?

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  1. You guys have so many fun adventures it's so great. This place really does look like a Disneyland for dogs. Wooded paths are so much fun, especially along the water. Looks like a really great park. This weekend we're headed out to the old Edsel Ford estate in a local recreation area. Haven't been there in a while but it's a really nice hike up a small mountain to get to it. The park also has a bunch of lakes you can walk around, looking forward to getting out in this nice weather before all the hunting begins.

    1. I used to live near Detroit and I wonder if the place I went to is the same estate. It was so long ago, but I remember some beautiful gardens and some water too. Have fun!

  2. Fun practice with pals must have been a blast. That does look like a great place just pity it is a bit too far to go regularly. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  3. Wilhelm & Huxley would love that practice course! And Brychwyn would be all about a stroll in the woods. This weekend is finally bringing cooler sunny days to Cascadia so I am sure we will find a lot of spontaneous fun adventures around town!

  4. Good luck with your trials this weekend Rocco - hope you bring back a stack of medals!

  5. You are awesome, Rocco! What a great way to put fun into exercise!

  6. How fun! I wish we had agility near us. I think Mauja would love it!

  7. Looks like fun. What a great place to train.

  8. I love how Rocco's fur billows when he runs! Sure looks like an awesome place.

  9. Nothing exciting planned for this weekend but next week we're going for a hike with Sage!

  10. Wow, Canine Ranch looks like a pretty neat place to play. Good luck at the trials this weekend.

  11. Oh my gosh, Canine Ranch looks like a blast! I bet Rocco had so much fun with all his friends. :)

  12. I really enjoyed this post. looks like Rocco had a ball. I've been thinking about starting agility with a couple of my Shelties, I think they would really enjoy it.