Monday, November 24, 2014

#FueltheHolidays with healthy Zuke's Treats!

We're busy getting ready for the #FueltheHolidays Twitter party with Zuke's pets on November 28, and Rocco is having a great time getting involved in the preparations.

That's because preparing for #FueltheHolidays means trying out a terrific selection of yummy Zuke's treats including Lil' Links, Genuine Jerky, Mini Naturals, Z-Filets and Z-Bones! These are all part of #FueltheHolidays prize packs we're giving away -- a value of $750 in all. To join in the fun, and a chance to win, don't forget to head over to our RSVP post for all the details.

At #FueltheHolidays we'll be chatting about how to have a happy pup during the holidays. And for us that means having plenty of healthy treats on hand as well as continued training (Rocco thinks that's fun!), exercise and outdoor adventures (we both think that's fun!), interactive toys, love and attention, and some quality time for rest.

Bring your questions, photos and your own tips for keeping your pups happy during the holidays. We'd love to hear and see them!

A little more about our Zuke's Prizes!

We love that Zuke's treats are made in the USA and that they contain lots of healthy wholefood ingredients that help keep Rocco running faster and jumping higher!

Lil' Links are Rocco's newest obsession and we're both loving them for high-value treating during training.

"Can I have the entire bag, please?!!"
What I love about Zuke's Lil' Links 
  • They are grain-free with real meat, apples, potatoes, carrots and antioxidant-rich herb like rosemary, turmeric & sage
  • No artificial colors, flavors or added animal fat.
  • Each Lil' Link is about 15 calories, and I can pinch off tiny little pieces to give Rocco LOTS of rewards from just one Link without adding too many calories.
  • Rocco goes crazy for these!
What Rocco loves about Zuke's Lil' Links
  • They smell amazing.
  • They are tender, moist and delicious! 
  • They come in tasty Rabbit, Chicken, Duck and Pork for lots of variety and goodness.
  • When I get them out, it means we're going to do something fun! 
We recently reviewed a few other Zuke's treats in our prize packs and you can read about more about these on those posts:
Genuine Jerky Fuels Rocco
Z-Filets and Z-Bones

"Let's see what else we have here to nom on!"
We've also used Mini Naturals for YEARS! With flavors like Wild Rabbit, Pork, Duck, Salmon, Peanut Butter and Chicken and wholefood antioxidants,  there are plenty of quality protein options, many of them great for dogs with allergies. And, because these are less than 3.5 calories per treat, they're a great choice for a reward while keeping your pup fit, trim and happy!

Ready for #FueltheHolidays?

Before now and Friday, be sure to:
  1. RSVP for the #FueltheHolidays party. Even if you can’t attend on Friday, you can enter to win a pre-party prize from Zuke's!
  2. Pick out a photo of your dog to share during the party, bring your questions and happy dog holiday tips, too! Sharing a photo or any kind of engagement will enter you to win prizes!
  3. Mark your calendar for the Friday, November 28 party from noon - 1:30 pm ET…see you there!

We are working with Zuke's through our partnership in Event Barkers to produce this Twitter party 
and share product news with our readers. Prizes will be provided and shipped by Zuke’s. At To Dog With Love, we only share information we believe in. All opinions expressed herein are our own.


  1. We just bought some more Zukes minis. We use them all the time around here.

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