Saturday, November 29, 2014

Winners #FueltheHolidays with Yummy Zuke's Treats!

Yesterday we enjoyed another fabulous Event Barkers Twitter Party, filled with loads of useful information and healthy, yummy prizes from our pals at Zuke's!

We shared tips on how to help pets enjoy the hectic holiday season and we think everyone walked away with some helpful information. If you missed it (we're sorry you did, because it was a fab and fun time as well as educational), you might find these tips helpful on How to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy During Holiday Chaos.

In addition to the fast-paced fun of the flying Tweets and sharing with all our Twitter pals, we couldn't stop smiling at all the terrific photos of everyone's adorable pups!

Here are just a few!

Congrats to all our #FueltheHolidays winners!

Each winner received a prize pack full of a variety of healthy and yummy Zuke's treats, including Mini Naturals, Genuine Jerky, Lil'Links,  Z-Filets and Z-Bones.  Thanks to our sponsor Zuke's, we gave out $750+ in prizes in all!

Zuke's treats are made in the USA with lots of meaty goodness and wholesome wholefood ingredients. Rocco love them, and so do I!

Rocco enjoys some of the yummy Zuke's included in the #FueltheHolidays prize packs. *Dog not included!

One Pre-Party Winner received:
  • Eight packs of all-natural, made in the USA Zuke's dog treats
  • Winner: @Maggie73148990
Eight party winners each received:
  • Eight packs of all-natural, made in the USA Zuke's dog treats
  • Winners: @ThisCantBeReal @megsw4 @kimtrax13 @Scrappiedoodle @orchidlady01 @partytime2017 @MissLilyDoodle @n210ss_ja 
One Grand Prize winner received:
  • A total of 14 bags of healthy Zuke's, USA-made dog treats!
  • Winner: @Bobcatsteph3
Congratulations to all the winners and special thanks to everyone who took part in the party and pre-party fun; we loved seeing all your photos and hearing about your pets!

To find Zuke's in your area check out this handy store locator.

For more Twitter Party fun, sign up for the Event Barkers newsletter to make sure you don't miss a party!

We are working with Zuke's through our partnership in Event Barkers to produce this Twitter party and share product news with our readers. Prizes will be provided and shipped by Zuke's. To Dog With Love only shares information we believe in. All opinions expressed herein are our own.


  1. Congratulations to all the winners, and especially to their dogs :)

  2. So many cute doggies! Zukes are yummy for sure!

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