Monday, December 8, 2014

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We have a super Event Barkers Twitter party to tell you about today, one that is filled with so many amazing prizes you won't want to miss it! To celebrate the holiday season, we're hosting a special #EBChat giveaway event with  Held on Friday, Dec. 12 from 4-5 p.m. ET,  we'll be getting into the holiday giving spirit by handing out over $1,000 in prizes specially curated by, a social place for pet enthusiasts to shop, give and share!

With 11 amazing prizes in all,  this chat is all about the fun of winning and sharing the joy of our dogs! Every few minutes, we’ll be giving away another great prize. Come and chat and kick off your weekend with some fun and prizes... and bring a photo of your dog to share, if you can!


To make it even more fun, the $1,000 in terrific prizes will be given out in surprise order (including the pre-party winner) so stick around and see what you can win! Here’s a look at the many prizes you and your dog might win at #EBChat!

The Blissful Dog BIG DOG Paw Gift Set for moisturizing and pampering your best friend’s paws features PAW BUTTER, an organic treatment for your dog’s rough, dry, cracked paw pads. Includes an 8-ounce tin, 2-ounce tube, and .15-ounce travel tube in an organza and satin gift pouch. MSRP: $47.50

Boo Boo’s Best Bonbons
After the holidays, the festivities can continue with Boo Boo’s Best Bonbons!  The Glorious Goat Bonbons are a complete raw meal made with grass-fed goat meat, organs and bone, green tripe, organic sweet potatoes, organic green beans, wild-caught anchovies and more, rolled in shredded coconut, chia seeds, flax seeds and pumpkin seed powder! Shipped frozen. MSRP: $13.99
The Friendly Traveler is the ultimate in pet carrier design. The backpack is well suited for the small dog. It is safe, comfortable, handmade in the USA and stylish. The Friendly Traveler believes you should always travel in style. MSRP: $159.95 

Island Cowgirl bracelet
Inspired by Island Cowgirl designer Heather’s Old English Sheepdogs, Dougal and Nigel.  A handmade puppy paw ID tag bears the words “I love my dawg” on the back while a tiny heart charm swings to one side. The bracelet is made with brown leather cord and a silver plated ID tag.  It measures 7 1/2″ in length. Every piece arrives embraced in a micro suede pouch tucked safely inside an Island Cowgirl gift tin for safekeeping. Handmade with love in the USA. MSRP: $66.00

Kumfy Tailz Warming Winter Coat
Kumfy Tailz Warming Winter Coats offer the quality construction and innovative design of a high-end winter coat, coupled with the health and wellness benefits provided by a non-toxic, re-usable Kumfy Pax, a gel pack system. Kumfy Tailz has been veterinarian-designed to work with a dog’s natural physiology to virtually eliminate the chances of hypothermia. Available in blue/brown, pink/brown, and brown/brown. MSRP: $54.99​

Swedish dog trainer Nina Ottosson has created a wide range of durable, interactive games designed to stimulate your dog’s brain while reinforcing his relationship with the family. The Dog Brick has removable bones that slide across to a wider section of the groove. The dog learns to slide these across to remove the hidden treat. MSRP: $25.99

New PawFlex First Response Bandage Care Kits contains super stretch, non-adhesive bandages for almost every need including:
  • Home Vet Basics (nicks, cuts, surgical sites and more!)
  • Emergency Care (First Response for large wounds needing professional attention)
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • MSRP for both leg and paw set: $42.95. Winner can choose any size.
  • PetzLife Complete Oral Care Gel and PetzLife Complete Oral Care Spray along with a Travel Size Spray: to knockout doggy or kitty breath and clean the teeth.
  • PetzLife Complete Treats: Same active ingredients as the spray and gel.
  • PetzLife Bath Eaze Waterless Shampoo: Easy to use and leaves your furry guys smelling great for weeks! 
  • MSRP: $65.00

PupSaver is the only crash-tested, rear-facing, small dog car seat on the market! Attach to seatbelt, clip PupSaver’s tether to your dog’s harness/collar, and go! Use in front or back seat. For dogs up to 30 lbs. MSRP: $139.95
Celebrate the life and story of your best friend. Sean O'Daniels will celebrate your pet's interests, individuality and story in an original work of art. Send your photos along with a story or bio that describes your dog, consult with Sean, then the work begins! Sean will keep you updated on his process while you watch it evolve from sketch to final painting! Upon completion, your piece will be showcased in the Painter of Paws gallery where you order custom museum-quality prints, delivered to your doorstep! Winner will receive a prize package valued at $500+ including the creation of a custom portrait, a package of five postcards featuring the custom artwork, and 35 percent off to order additional versions of the artwork from the Painter of Paws gallery.
The ZÜCA Pet Carrier is not only a rolling bag, it’s a way of life, and can be used in the car, outdoors, and even in your house! The aluminum external ZÜCA Sport frame doubles as a mobile seat for pet owners, and the carrier is easily secured in your car with a standard seat belt for the safest ride available for pets today! Save 30% Off on Pet Carrier with  promo code : ZUCAPET14, Valid on orders of $147.50 or more from ZÜCA Pet Collection through 12/15/2014, 11:59 PM PST. MSRP: $152.50

#EBChat Giveaway Event with

RSVP and Enter for Pre-Party Prize

You'll find several ways to enter in the widget below; enter with as many or as few entry methods as you choose. You can return to the widget for more entries at any time until the #EBChat event begins at 4 p.m. ET on Dec. 12. Good luck!


How do I participate?

Just pop into the party and say hi! All you have to do is participate in the party to be eligible to win prizes. You can engage in conversation or share photos of your dog -- but, whatever you do, be sure you use the #EBChat hashtag on all your Tweets! The party starts at 4 p.m., but we'll be greeting guests starting at 3:30 p.m. ET, so stop by and say hi!

How will I know if I win?

@EventBarkers will be announcing winners every five minutes. Be sure to follow @EventBarkers so you don’t miss out! If you win, they’ll DM you with prize details after the party.

How do I follow the fun?

If you’ve been to any of our Event Barkers parties, you know they’re fast-paced! We use Hootsuite and open a column for the #EBChat hashtag. You might want to visit our #EBChat TweetChat room if you prefer.  Once you’re there, you can Tweet from the party room and you won’t see any non-party Tweets in your stream.

Which accounts should I follow?

Here’s a rundown of the Event Barkers team and duties:
We hope to see you at FRIDAY’S party! Remember: even if you can’t make the party, or you’re not on Twitter, you are eligible to enter the pre-party giveaway above. Good luck!

We are working with Sniffery through our partnership in Event Barkers to produce this Twitter party and share product news with our readers. Prizes will be provided and shipped by Sniffery. At To Dog With Love, we only share information we believe in. All opinions expressed herein are our own.


  1. Some great things there. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Bean won't be getting Christmas gifts as she has so much already, but she will help us to donate to our local shelter for pups waiting for their forever homes.

  3. We put together a little stocking for Luma to have on Christmas :)

  4. I will be giving Bullet a new bed for Christmas because he really needs one.

  5. OMG. I absolutely am addicted to Twitter Parties. Love Event Barkers. Yes My pugs Olivia and Jaxon are getting christmas gifts from me and Santa. My teenage son says they have more stuff than he does. LOL. They are getting new beds, toys, chewies and treats. They have their own stockings hung waiting on santa too.

  6. Yes, of course my fur kids will get a present - typically a stocking with treats and a toy!

  7. My Spocky will get a huge new chew toy and we'll spend the afternoon at a nice park

  8. I give my guys presents all year long.

  9. Sure will, doggies deserve presents too!

  10. Of big boy is a member of the family too!

  11. santa brings my dogs a stocking full

  12. Absolutely, our dogs have a better Christmas than we do!

  13. Of course! My dog is my best buddy and he always gets a gift!

  14. They get gifts every year

  15. I am still shopping to get all four of my dogs a toy and some treats.

  16. I will be getting my pups treats and toys.

  17. yes normally we get them a few dog toys but if we have the extra cash they will get new beds

  18. Yes! We even wrap their gifts! They love ripping the paper off!

  19. Hi, I'm Sarah I got a shitzo Cynthia she's pretty and smart I square she's human sometimes.

  20. They always get so excited when they get to see whats in their stockings!! so we always have their stockings hanging with the rest of the families, they are considered family :)

  21. My Bella is getting some new toys and treats!

  22. Yes, my dog has a toy he really loves, and I'll be getting rawhide ring refills for it! plus maybe some booties!

  23. I recently went here for NYC events and right from the moment I walked in I was in awe and I can only hope my daddy dearest offers to pay for my birthday party here someday!