Friday, February 6, 2015

3 Great Dog Games That Don't Cost a Dime!

You don't have to spend a fortune on toys to keep your dogs stimulated and happy. Here are three of our favorite games, and toys, that don't cost a dime!

Make Your Own Tug Toy

You can make your own low cost or no cost tug toy with items you may already have around the house. Use rope to make a DIY tug toy, or take old t-shirts, cut into strips and twist the cloth together to make a fun tug! Just knot the ends and you've got a fun t-shirt toy you can toss or tug! 

Box Games

When all else fails, we love pulling out a box and shaping a new behavior -- get on the box, get in the box, put two paws on the box, and so on! You can also hide treats in boxes and have your dog find them. Now, I'm using a box to teach Rocco to put his toys away! He picks up a toy and then the idea is he'll drop it in the box. We're getting close on this one, but it still needs work! 

Teach your dog a trick

As you may already know, we LOVE dog tricks! It doesn't cost a dime to play around with tricks training, and it's a great way to stimulate your dog's mind and give him a workout.

One of our favorites is Hide Your Eyes.  It's a real crowd pleaser and it seems that people of all ages love to see this trick over and over again! I tell kids that Rocco will play hide and seek with them and then ask him to hide his eyes! They laugh every time!

Rocco loves performing all his tricks and it's also a great way to keep him focused and his mind off other things. During his recent annual vet visit, Rocco performed his repertoire of tricks for the staff and he completely forgot he was at the scary vet!

Here's a look at how to teach Hide Your Eyes.

Since we recorded this video, we've been able to increase the duration for which Rocco holds the hide your eyes position!

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What are your favorite low cost toys or games?
Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. we always love the "find it" games. Mom gets lots of different size boxes -at least 10 and hides some treats under a few - then she sends us to find them - we love that game.

  2. Those sound like fun activities. Our dogs love a good game of fetch!

  3. Those looks like some fun games, we love learning new tricks!! Have fun!

  4. That is pretty cute...won't be long before Hollywood comes calling for him.

  5. Rocco you are just two darn clever! Mom's favorite toys for her dog growing up were old socks and empty dish soap bottles (not recommended)! Love Dolly

    1. We thought about adding socks with water bottles inside, but so many folks are hesitant about the idea of "socks" as toys. I think with proper supervision (just like with anything) they are fine! My very first pup as a child LOVED socks. In fact, I remember I embroidered his name a special sock that was just for him!

  6. Great post and awwwww-inspired "Hide Your Eyes!"

  7. That's a very cute, unique trick! I can definitely see it being a crowd-pleaser ;-) Our pups both love to play "find Mommy" around the part about it is that the mommy-toy is 100% free...well, Daddy may have a different opinion on that one, but I'm free as far as the pups are concerned..

  8. Sometimes I'll have Mr. N help me "clean the house." He'll pick up clothes and random objects off the floor and hand them to so I can clean up. Free and useful! It does take slightly longer than if I were to just do it but this way, I'm entertained.

  9. All great ideas ! We started using doggie daddy's older tee-shirts as dog toys a while ago,,,and it's working out very well. Just tie in several knots,,,,,and let the frenzy begin !

  10. Great ideas! Haley loves all kinds of games and they're a great way to keep her busy in the winter. I think I'll try to teach Haley the Hide Your Eyes trick!

  11. We find boxes quite comforting
    Lily & Edward

  12. Love the easy way you explain Hide Your Eyes. Shared with my page followers. Love the box one too. My dogs love seeking out treats. I will often hide them all over the house or yard and have them search for them. They get so excited with this game. :)

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  14. I love your post and Rocco is so cute! My own Golden Retriever is a jolly fella and so full of fun! She loves boxes, socks and squeaky toys! Since last year, I’ve stopped buying expensive toys and learned some DIY dog toys to make. I also read a lot about what games to play with my furry companion and so far, we are both enjoying all the fun! There’s also a site that features more exciting games to play with your dog, you’ve got to see it for yourself