Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fido's Freebie Friday Goes #Noseblind!

Jane Lynch, non-smelly Rocco and me!
This week Rocco and I had the chance to take a quick trip to NYC to meet up with the folks at Febreze, the ASPCA and actress Jane Lynch to learn about noseblindness and how this nasty condition can be treated!

Nose blindness is a condition where you become accustomed to the smells in your home and you don't smell them anymore. Uh oh! If you notice your houseguests wrinkling up their noses, you might just be noseblind!

We'll tell you more about our trip in a future post, but what we will tell you now is that if you're concerned your house or car smells and you don't even know it, Febreze has products that can help you out AND they meet the standards for inclusion on the ASPCA's Pet Friendly Living products list.

Jane Lynch with members of the ASPCA and adoptable dogs
And, to take it a step further, Febreze is joining up with the ASPCA to help support and spread the word about pet adoption. To help new pet owners get guest ready, Febreze will be distributing Noseblind Prevention Kits to pet adopters through participating shelters in ASPCA partner communities nationwide.

We had a terrific time meeting with the folks at Febreze and the ASPCA and I can tell you that Jane Lynch is NOTHING like Sue Sylvester! She's absolutely lovely AND a huge pet person!

Now let's get to Fido's Freebie Friday (FFF), the weekly giveaway blog hop for all things pet!

While you're sniffing out your own home and determining whether you might be noseblind, take time out to check out the Fido's Freebie Friday Blog Hop! You'll find all sorts of goodies in the giveaways listed below. You can enter them all or add your own! We make it easy by linking them up all in one place.

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  1. That's so awesome; glad to know Jane Lynch is a big pet supporter :) I didn't know the term 'noseblindness' but it's something I've feared. Living with a big dog I always wonder if I'm just used to the various smells that might be lurking around here.