Monday, June 22, 2015

#Feedthepursuit with Natural Balance Wild Pursuit

This post is sponsored by Natural Balance® Wild Pursuit™. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Natural Balance® Wild Pursuit™ but To Dog With Love only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.  The opinions expressed herein are 100% our own.

Rocco is a dog who loves the pursuit -- whether he's chasing squirrels, flushing out birds or running with me on the agility course. 

When I first saw him stalking the wildlife in our backyard, it seemed kind of funny! You don't often think of small fluffy dogs stalking critters or exhibiting herding instincts like a border collie. 

Yet, if you look at the evolution of dogs, their closest relative, the wolf, is a highly accomplished predator and hunter. So it's no surprise that many dogs have a natural tendency toward some type of pursuit.

Rocco's instincts take over when he spots some geese
In fact, Havanese are said to have herded the family poultry flocks in their homeland of Cuba. And, since Rocco comes directly from a Cuban line of Havanese, it really doesn't surprise me when he starts herding whatever is in front of him!

Rocco likes to have a wild, good time (there's good reason I call him "Good Time Rocco!"), and there's also good reason why we like the current trend toward ancestral diets -- protein rich, grain-free food for dogs and cats. These formulas are designed to resemble what our pets would have eaten in the wild.

We're always on the hunt for quality foods that are high in protein (we like to rotate unique proteins, too), grain-free and packed with quality ingredients that are worthy of Rocco's unique character! These ancestral-inspired foods seem to fit the bill. 

We discovered the new Natural Balance® Wild Pursuit™ has a complete line of dry and wet food for both dogs and cats and treats for dogs. 
Natural Balance® Wild Pursuit™ includes 35 varieties to choose from, each with a balanced blend of three protein sources such as trout, salmon and tuna (for dogs and cats), chicken, turkey and quail (for dogs and cats) and lamb, chicken and guinea fowl (for dogs).

Rocco's ready to dive into some Natural Balance Wild Pursuit

Some other things worth noting about Natural Balance® Wild Pursuit™:
  • 100% grain free with premium, high quality ingredients and unique proteins like guinea fowl, quail, trout and walleye
  • Unique energy and nutrient sources like garbanzo beans and peas
  • For all life stages and breeds from puppies and kittens to adults
  • Freeze dried pieces that seal in nutrition and taste in the dry food
  • Natural Balance® has a Buy with Confidence guarantee -- every production run is tested for quality and safety in Natural Balance® state of the art laboratory in Burbank, California 
We're also looking forward to trying the new Natural Balance® Wild Pursuit™ dog treats in Venison and Lamb Lung Bites. Each treat is less than 8 calories, and contains either 100% New Zealand dehydrated lamb lung or venison lung, for a high protein and grain free treat.

You can find  Natural Balance® Wild Pursuit™ at independent and online retailers, Petco and PetSmart (starting August 2015).

More ways to celebrate your pet's unique character from Natural Balance®

Natural Balance’s® “Food with Substance for Pets with Character” campaign will be launching nationally in print, online, and radio (in select markets). The company believes every pet is unique with a personality worth celebrating and they believe that Natural Balance® is the premium quality food worthy of their distinct personalities.

That’s why Natural Balance® is touring the country to find and celebrate unique characters. They have a Natural Characters microsite where pet parents can share their pet’s unique characters and share, by uploading their own pictures and videos, while learning more about Natural Balance® products and promotions.

What makes your pet a unique character? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. We adore that first photo. So awesome!

  2. Hope this gets me to the contest!

  3. We see Rocco more as a guard dog with that ferocious bark! So sad to hear Dick Van Patten passed away today. We love Natural Balance treats.

  4. Our pack is all about feeding our pups foods that resemble the ancestral diet!! I like the fact that Natural Balance Wild Pursuit is grain-free and that it contains freeze-dried bites ~ what is the ratio of those to the kibble? We recently started feeding our pups a raw diet, but a healthy kibble with freeze dried pieces might be something to have on hand for emergencies where packing raw meat would just be inconvenient.

  5. Artie is a unique mix of breeds. We know he is part golden retriever, but we have no idea what other breeds make up his pedigree (or lack thereof). He also goes on as many adventures as he can.