Friday, August 14, 2015

2015 Havanese National Specialty Agility Fun!

Rocco Havanese at 2015 Havanese National Specialty dog show
Rocco puts on his game face!
We're in Chicago this week at the Havanese National Specialty dog show, competing in agility! The show offers competition in agility, obedience, rally and conformation.

This competition is different than the others we compete in, in that we're competing only with other Havanese! When we started in agility it wasn't offered at the Havanese National (not enough agility Havanese!), so this was our first time competing in it.

2015 Havanese National Specialty agility
Some of the agility competitors
It was so fun to meet everyone! We know a handful of agility Havanese in the Atlanta area, but most of the folks at the National we had never met. There were LOTS of super talented dogs!

Rocco had some good runs and we even brought home a blue ribbon. He earned a first place and qualifying score on this Excellent Standard agility course.

In order to qualify in Excellent you need to have a perfect run and finish under a designated time. Rocco's dog walk (the second obstacle) was a bit pokey, as you can see. Something must've smelled awfully good on the middle of the plank.  But even in spite of that we finished well under time as Rocco sped through the rest of the course with accuracy.

Running on a ballroom carpet was also a first for us, and some of the dogs had trouble slipping on the surface. Rocco has some trouble making a few of the turns, too, but overall he had plenty of good moments!

Rocco had a great time and so did I. We hope to do it again next year!

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  1. Awesome! Congratulations to team Rocco! We hadn't noticed the carpet at first, but it is kind of weird running indoors on carpet. Good thing you are a little speed devil to make enough time to stop and smell the plank!

    1. Thank you, and no kidding! It felt like he was up there for at least a minute.

  2. Way to go Rocco - Congratulations.

  3. Well done Rocco! And a nice run on video!

  4. Love the group photo. So many fit Havanese competators!

  5. I love that Rocco found such a good scent on the walk! You just never know where they're going to find something more exciting than you, huh? Usually Barley finds the fluff of some other dog on the ground and just can't resist going to check it out. Glad that things turned out so well for you!

    1. There were a few tasty specks on the carpet and one of the weave poles smelled pretty good too! It's nice when he can put together a complete run without trying to eat something on the way!

  6. Way to go Rocco!! I miss agility practice, it was soo much fun. But now we're loving flyball!

  7. Looking good, Rocco, and congrats on the ribbon! He just had a little bit of a stall there. :)

  8. Congrats on your blue ribbon and taking first place along with achieving a qualifying score. I just love watching your video. I just don't understand how you know where to go next in the course. It sure is a head scratchier. :)

    1. We get a course map to follow and the humans get 8 minutes to walk it and come up with a strategy to run it! Then we just need to hope we're giving our pups clear and timely direction... AND remember where we're going!

  9. Congratulations on your ribbon! It's cool seeing so many agility Havaneses!

  10. Nice job, Rocco! I know I've said it before, but I will never tire of repeating that I LOVE seeing dogs in action, especially smaller breeds. There are so many small dog owners who don't even bother taking their pups for a daily walk. Makes me sad.

  11. THis is so exciting! May we share your accomplishments on our BFTB NETWoof News this Monday?

  12. Congrats and what a great time for you all to get together and have some fun and win some ribbons.

  13. Good job Rocco! But you almost blew it there, good thing you are fast! Love Dolly

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