Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Show us your Natural Characters

This post is sponsored by Natural Balance®. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Natural Balance® and its Natural Characters Road Tour but To Dog With Love only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. The opinions expressed herein are 100 percent our own.

Rocco has many unforgettable moments, and most of them make me laugh - even when he’s getting into trouble! From the time he was a puppy, Rocco liked to keep busy.

Rocco Havanese toilet paper shredding

Now, Rocco likes to keep busy with all sorts of active pursuits – from practicing agility to hiking and learning new skills like skateboarding and surfing!

Rocco Havanese surf board

Rocco was inspired to try skateboarding and surfing after meeting Tillman, the famous skateboarding bulldog. You might have seen Tillman on TV and now he’s featured on the NaturalCharacters website that’s all part of Natural Balance’s® “Food with Substance for Pets with Character” campaign.

Natural Balance Natural Characters website

Share your pet’s natural character!

The folks at Natural Balance® are all about bringing out the one-of-a-kind character and undeniable personality that lives within every pet. That’s why they are traveling across the continent to meet all the amazing pets that bring so much joy to our live, each in their own unforgettable ways!

As part of the Natural Characters Road Tour, Natural Balance® is offering many fun and easy ways to celebrate your pets and their unique characters. Take a look at some of the fun events that may be happening in your city as well as how you can join in the fun right at home!

3 ways to celebrate your pet’s unique character!
  • Natural Balance® Character Casting Calls – Bring your four-legged buddy to one of the fun Natural Balance® Characters Casting Calls, a search across North America for the next generation of Natural Balance® characters plus a chance to get featured on the Natural Characters website! Check the casting call schedule here, or if you can’t make it to a casting call, simply click here to upload a photo or video starring your pet!
  • Natural Balance® Character Café – Score some fun treats for you and your tail-wagging friend, and learn why Natural Balance’s® passion for pets leads them to carefully select the wholesome ingredients used in their products. Check here for the listing of upcoming Character Café events.
  • Natural Balance® Extreme Characters Come out and cheer on two natural performers who’ll take on any double-dog-dare: Tillman the Skateboarding Dog and Norman the Scooter Dog. Fueled by their nutritious Natural Balance® diets, these Extreme Characters are thrill-seekers to the core, and you’ll get to see their courageous spirits shine through as they do what they love. Check here for their schedule of events.

Norman the Scooter dog and Rocco Havanese
Norman the Scooter Dog also inspires Rocco to be the character he's become!

Share your Natural Characters!

Check out the characters in your part of the country and add your own on the Natural Characters website. Then spread the love for your pet by sharing them with the hashtag #NaturalCharacters and tagging @NaturalBalance!

Here’s the photo we shared on!

Share your Natural Characters Natural Balance

What makes your pet a natural character?
Tell us in the comments below, and then post it on!


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  2. They are coming to Louisiana, but it is at the bottom of the state. Still, it would sure be fun! I love that photo of baby Rocco and the toilet paper. ☺

    1. Ha! Yes, I have lots of fond memories of baby Rocco. He was into everything!

  3. I love Rocco on the surfboard ~ your little guy is so active, it's truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing Natural Balance's search for Natural Characters; just checked their tour schedule, but the closest they'll be to us in Chantilly, VA and Atlanta, GA :-(

    1. He's too active, ha! I love it when he finally settles down for a nap!

  4. Rocco, you are always so adorable!

  5. That is a awesome photo you shared with them. You are so handsome, good luck.

  6. its the funniest thing, whave the cutest rescue, but he only like to drink water from adult cups!

  7. The first photo reminds me of the time our little Ethel decided toilet rolls were fun to unravel...

  8. Natural Balance always does fun stuff
    Lily & Edward

  9. Your havanese postings are making me smile tonight.