Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Petrol Fuel for Dogs: A Tasty, Hydrating Treat

Petrol Fuel for Dogs

We partnered with Petrol Fuel for Dogs to bring you this review. As always, all our views are entirely our own. 

What's better than a tall drink of water? ... A tall drink of water in a tasty flavor! I know I drink more water when it tastes great and I love the variety of flavored waters available today. 

So why not treat your pup with some tasty water? Not only will he love it, but the appropriate amount of hydration is necessary for your pet's good health.

Depending on weather conditions and the amount of exercise your pet gets, dogs need approximately one ounce of water for every pound they weigh. 

When we hike or do agility, I always bring treats and extra water along. So why not treat your dog with a hydrating treat! 

What is Petrol Fuel for Dogs?

Simply said, Petrol Fuel for Dogs is a healthy, hydrating treat for dogs. It's vitamin enhanced and developed by a veterinary nutritionist. And, at only 8 calories per 12-ounce bottle, it won't fill your pup with empty calories. 

So how does it taste, you ask? We posed that question to Rocco Havanese. Here's what he has to say.
Rocco patiently waits for his release word before sampling Petrol. We like to throw in a little training with treating, even when it's a healthy, hydrating treat!
Ok! Take a look ...

Rocco loves Petrol! Did you catch him kissing me in gratitude after he licked the bowl clean?

Ok, yeah,  he kissed the camera. But I was holding it in front of my face!

More reasons we love Petrol
In addition to being vet approved and only 8 calories a bottle, Petrol comes in a resealable bottle, making it easy to treat your pup to just right amount of hydration.

And in taste test studies, dogs lapped up Petrol 4-1 over regular water. 

How Petrol saved the day for Rocco and me

Recently, Rocco had to take some medication to coat his stomach after he ate something he wasn't supposed to.  (ahem, yes he still does that). The medication had to be administered dissolved in water and it was important that Rocco finish the entire dose when it was administered. 

Since Rocco doesn't drink as voraciously as he eats, it was a challenge to get Rocco to consume the entire dose.  So I asked our vet if we could add some Petrol to the mixture and he said it was fine.  Rocco lapped up every dose in a jiffy (we had about eight doses total over four days) and now he's back to old usual healthy self. 

Rocco laps up Petrol Fuel for Dogs hydrating treat
Rocco loves his Petrol Fuel for Dogs!
Where to find Petrol Fuel for Dogs

Petrol comes in a convenient four-pack on Amazon.  And while you're there, pick up a Petrol collapsible water bowl

Find Petrol on Facebook too!


  1. Interesting! We never if that stuff
    Lily & Edward

    1. It's fairly new and the packaging with the resealable cap is brand new. We love that you can drink some now and save some for later.

  2. This is neat. Never heard of it before. And the fact that it helped Rocco with his meds. Thats pretty awesome. Im gonna have to try some of this.

    1. I'm glad we had some on hand when Rocco needed the meds. It's tasty good stuff!

  3. Great review. Might h ave to give this a try! Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Holidays! :)

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