Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cruise Ship #PawPawty Playlist

Cosmo's been a Twitter #PawPawty DJ since the very first pawty, so we thought it was cool to find this new option available on Grooveshark. Now you can make your own personalized playlist, AND upload it in this dandy little widget! The anipals play tunes in keeping with the PawPawty theme of the month... this weekend's pawty featured a Cruise Ship theme.  So crank up some tunes and Pawty ON pals!

Never been to a #PawPawty on Twitter? Learn more about it here and how we've raised almost $40,000 to help the anipals who need it most, all over the world!


  1. Oh that is so cool that you can upload your playlist so everyone can follow along even if they miss your tweet. We happen to be big fans of yours we like your choice in music.

    Thanks for taking the time out of your busy weekend schedule to say hello. Working on a new project that I think you will really like.

    Two Little Cavaliers

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