Friday, October 8, 2010

Dog Walking Shoes and Fashion Fun

Waiting for my plane during a recent trip to Michigan was made much more enjoyable when I found this boutique on the way to my gate at Detroit Metro Airport. The Stylish Paw is full of surprises for dogs, cats and humans.  
I was especially delighted by a pair of shoes, which took me on a trip down memory lane to the 1980s when I last wore anything designed by Michael Simon. 

Think bold prints, boxy shapes, and animal-themed sweaters, those that I put in the category of suitable for wearing to dog shows, if you must...

While I was reminiscing about Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club, I pulled a few sweaters from eBay for your 1980s enjoyment.

More on those further down, but first take a look at these slip-ons I found at The Stylish Paw. They are perfect for a dog walk in town or a day as a spectator at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. 

Subtle enough that I had to bend down for a closer look to confirm the embellishment was indeed a doggie face with fringe for ears, these shoes are whimsical enough to amuse on any day, for any occasion! 

The boutique is full of items you won't find at your average pet store, much less anything you'd expect to find in an airport shop. 
At Detroit Metro, you'll find the Stylish Paw by gates A66 and A18. 
And now for more Michael Simon fun!!

That's what I'm talking about!! Dogs and bones galore... and all packed into one nice knit package that's boxy enough to hide any figure flaw OR any sign of anorexia. And if you're lucky, this one may still be available on eBay!! 

If you like shoes, what's not to LOVE about wearing a shoe-embellished sweater! Like I always say, you can never be too rich, too thin or have too many pairs of shoes, especially in KNIT!!  Find this one on eBay too!

And just in time for Halloween... this ghost sweater is perfect for your neighborhood Halloween parade or guaranteed to frighten your co-workers!! Get this one here on eBay! 

Disclaimer: I know nothing about the people who are selling these items on eBay, much less their fashion sense. Search for Michael Simon on eBay on you'll find even more fabulous finds from the last century. 

But wait!! Here's one more. A Michael Simon beaded dog purse on eBay. It says it was purchased at Neiman Marcus. Is that possible??!!
Here's the latest Michael Simon collection AT Neiman Marcus! No WAY!!! More fitted, toned down animal-print... kind of a St. John meets Chanel influence, but at a fraction of the cost. Not quite my style, but I still long for my black-and-white checked, fringed Michael Simon cardigan with linebacker shoulder pads. *Sigh*


  1. diane is so cool.

    Zoe is in love with her.

  2. I wouldn't have noticed that there was a dog embellishment hiding in those wonderful looking shoes if you didn't point them out! Very unique shoes that look so comfortable!
    Ummm...I am not an embellished sweater kinda gal but I was in the 80's so those sweaters took me back to the good old days!

  3. Wow your mom was in Michigan Cosmo! I don't live near Detroit, we live on the Western side, but mom is sure wish we lived closer to Detroit so she could go to that store! I do too, looks like she could buy me some really cool stuff...did she get you anything?

    Saw your post on the look like you are having a blast, this is something mom and I will be looking into pretty soon for me. YIPPEE! Too bad they give you an F for flying, don't they know how hard that is to do!


  4. What an interesting post, Cosmo and Diane! it's clear that you both have a strong fashion sense-and a real grasp of fashion history too :-)! And thanks for all of the photos-love that sweater embellished with shoes-perfect!

  5. LOL Bocci!!! I did love those sweaters... in the 80s!!! It was great fun digging them out of eBay!

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  7. so funny, I will stick my dog picture on my T shirt after I read this post.

  8. Those shoes are awesome. I sure hope my dog won't think it's a real bone though, lol! :P

  9. I love Michael Simon style!

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