Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Costumes and PawPawty Fun!

Just in time for this weekend's Halloween themed #PawPawty on Twitter, Cosmo is modeling some of his favorite Halloween costumes. Please help us decide which costume Cosmo should wear this year! 
#1 The Great Pumpkin (Cosmo wore this one last year.)

 #2 Four-Eyed Monster (The folks at PetSmart gave us this one at BlogPaws)

 #3 Knight in Shining Amour (Practicing his Knight of the Woeful Countenance look)

Which costume do you like best? Please leave a comment and help us decide!
And don't forget, #PawPawty starts this Saturday at 2 p.m. ET and the fun and giving continues for a full 24 hours! This month's charity is Orphan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Neenah, Wis. Read more about how to play along with us at!


  1. He looks happiest to me in the four-eyed monster costume, so Lilly and I vote for that one.

  2. I is so digging the Knight in Shining Armour one. I has a pritty kewl kostoom this year but wate until you see wot I is making my sisses dress up as.

  3. Everyone loves a knight in shining armor. So I say thats the one.

  4. That's a tough choice, but I am going with the knight in shining armour!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Sanjee and I agree - you are a knight in shining armor!
    *ducky hugs*
    George and Sanjee

  6. DUSTY: I think Cosmo looks like Sir Lancelot in the Shining Armour.
    HURLEY: I like the 4 eyed Monster.
    DUSTY: Well, Cosmo is a very smily Monster...

  7. cosmo mai pal, i liek teh 4 eyed monster cus u got dat at blogpaws were u met mommy. but i also like teh knight in shining amour cuz dats how u roll mai pal... hehehe

  8. My mom and I like the knight in shining armour! It brings out the handsome side of you!

    Kirby and his mom

  9. The Knight is definitely unique, but Cosmo is a very cute pumpkin.

  10. So hard to choose. I like the 4 eyed monster because you look so happy in it :)

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