Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scary Blog Hop and Halloween Pet Safety

Sir Wags-a-Lot aka Cosmo Havanese may not be too spooky this Halloween but his Knightliness brings you a bit of dogged advice about Halloween Pet Safety this Blog Hop Saturday.
First, be comfortable in your costume. Cosmo says he's quite comfy but not all pets tolerate dress-up. Make sure your pet has room to move normally, can see and breath (of course!), and watch for any parts that can be chewed off or ingested.
Sir Begs-a-lot has perfected the eye for treats.  Chocolate and candy can be harmful and even deadly to pets. Keep the Halloween goodies secure and out of pets' reach.
Sir Sleeps-a-Lot may be a relaxed pup most of the time, but lots of doorbell ringing and squealing ghosts and goblins can put any pet on edge. Be sure to keep your pets in a safe, secure place so that no one slips out the door by accident. 
And, while most of the year it may be safe for Sir Plays-A-Lot  to zoom around the house in a blur, Halloween candles are dangerous for playful pets. Keep candles WAY out of reach or consider some other kind of illumination this Halloween.

Happy Safe Halloween!!!  MWUAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Get in the mood with some Halloween tunes and trick or treat on down to the Hop!!


  1. Wow, Cosmo, that's a great costume!! You look like you are having a great time in it!

  2. Great Costume, you just need a horse!!!
    See Yea George xxx

  3. Great costume! Where's the princess?

  4. Great Costume and advice. Erin and Trick or Treaters don't get along. She's usually kept in the family room on Halloween.
    Have a Great Halloween!
    Erin and Mom

  5. I absolutely love your Knight costume! It's very original, and one of the best overall costumes I think I've seen. Happy Halloween! Hope you have lots of fun!

  6. Cosmo, you do be looking so knightly. I is glad to see you duss not has a sword coz that would be skeery!

  7. I love all the cute names... the Kingdom is protected by a pretty cute knight!

  8. *Swoon* My knight in shining armour! Happy Halloween!

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