Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pet Blogger Hop and Be the Change 4 Animals

If it's Saturday, this must be Pet Blog Hop Day. But since January 15 also is one of four designated Blog the Change for Animals days,  today we bring you a special story about our pal and artist Vicki Boatwright.   Vicki, who signs her artwork BZTAT, is using her art to launch an awareness campaign about the connection between animal and child abuse.
Inspired by a small rescued cat, Vicki has named the program Okey's Promise. Starting with a large mural on the exterior of a building in the Canton, Ohio Arts District, she plans to create artworks that will be positive in nature, such as the painting with little girl and her pets above. The plan is to display these artworks in many communities to help generate awareness for the issue of family and pet abuse and remind us of the riches we have that are so important to protect. 

A few years ago I saw a news story about this topic on the TODAY Show and it's stuck with me ever since. This was about a pets and womens shelter program to take in battered women, children AND their pets. It's so important to find MORE ways to keep abused family members together with their pets. We sniffed out the clip from March, 2009:

In this story, Allie Phillips talks about the PAWS program she created at the American Humane Society. While the PAWS program is no longer at American Humane, Allie continues to find ways to keep shelter animals and families together

There are now approximately 60 U.S. shelters allowing pets on-site, but much more needs to be done to keep families with pets safe.

Here's one way you can help. Make a donation to kickstart Vicki's program.


  1. I am so appreciative that you are sharing the Pets and Women's Shelters Program that I created with your followers. Thank you!!!!!
    Allie Phillips

  2. Great post! I am glad that Allie is continuing the PAWS Program even though it's no longer at American Humane. She's truly an inspiration.

  3. Pup Fan -- Thanks! I was glad I could find it again... took a little digging since I couldn't remember the name of it. And now I see you wrote about it earlier this year too! I first learned about the PAWS program on that Today Show segment and I've never forgotten about it. Can't even imagine having to leave pets behind in an abusive situation.

    Allie -- Thanks so much for your note. When I saw you on the Today Show your story about the Pets and Women's Shelters Program left a lasting impression on me. So glad I found you and that you are continuing the program. It's much needed... can't think of a more worthwhile cause.

  4. Great blog post.

    Glad I found you on the Saturday Pet Blog Hop.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  5. This cause needs much more attention and finds from all corners of the society.

  6. Stop animal cruelty and especially domestic violence. such an inspiring story of yours.

  7. Definitely, one of the nicest blog I've visited so far about dogs. I'm glad I found this site because you inspire here. I will absolutely bookmark yours and will be back here whenever I need something to read on.

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  9. Great post! I am glad that Allie is continuing the PAWS Program even though it's no longer at American Humane. She's truly an inspiration. This cause needs much more attention and finds from all corners of the society.
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