Saturday, March 26, 2011

Havanese Agility: Cosmo's ASCA agility weekend

A few of the ribbons we earned last weekend and the
course maps for our two Jumpers runs
Last weekend we competed in an ASCA agility trial. ASCA stands for the Australian Shepherd Club of America and is one of several organizations that sanctions and hosts agility trials for all breeds of dogs.

We had a blast at last weekend's event and brought home four qualifying runs!... although as long as you're having fun with your dog it doesn't matter whether you win or lose, right?!

Here's a look at our Gambler's run. In this event, the handler (that would be me) must devise a strategy to maneuver the dog (Cosmo) throughout the course while accumulating points for each obstacle under a designated amount of time. The contact equipment and weave poles are typically worth more points than the jumps and tunnels (although they take longer). This part of the run is the opening sequence.

Then, in a closing sequence, the handler and dog complete "the Gamble" which tests the dog's ability to complete a series of obstacles at a distance. Here, you'll see me send Cosmo to four jumps at the end of the run, separated by a taped line in the dirt that I needed to stay behind. A whistle is blown once time has run out in the opening sequence, and the handler should then proceed to the Gamble. For some reason, I didn't hear the whistle in this run (you WILL hear it clearly in the video) but we somehow qualified under course time anyway! Take a look!

One of the fun things about agility is there are a variety of events that test different skills. This next video shows our Jumpers run, which is all about speed and accuracy, testing the ability of handler and dog to work as a fast-moving, smooth functioning team. There's a change of direction on this course that we execute with a rear cross, which means I send Cosmo on while I cross behind him. See if you can find it... it IS very smooth! Go Team Cosmo!

Some of our runs are less smooth than others, and while this Regular run is a little messy, we still qualified because we completed this course under time, and completed every obstacle in the designated sequence. AND, Cosmo successfully completed every contact obstacle without flying off above the yellow contact zone. Yay!!

Cosmo relaxes with a few ribbons between runs
Good job little buddy!

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  1. Congrats on the ribbons!!

    We are stopping by from the hop to say hello! Have a PAWsome weekend!

    Doreen, Kiko, Riley and Millie
    Doggies and Stuff blog

  2. Oh how fun!!! I just LOVE watching another Havanese do agility!! =) Congrats on your great runs!!

    ~ CJ and Jamsine

  3. Good job Cosmo!! You did great. I enjoyed watching all those clips. I like how you took it carefully on the last one to make sure you hit the contact zone.

    You earned those ribbons.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  4. Well now I feel like a dunce! I didn't know Cosmo did agility! Wow! He was quite impressive (so was his mom!).

    It's great to watch these videos and see how much training and work (and training and work) goes into competing in agility. Congrats!
    So glad I stopped by on the Saturday Blogger Hop!

  5. Love your Blog! Found you on the Blog Hop, I follow you on Google Friend now. Please follow me too if you can, thank you!
    Kritters that Twitter

  6. I loved seeing these videos! Bravo, Cosmo!!

    There are a few agility items at one of our dog parks that we like to run Gus through. Seeing Cosmo do this (and so well!) makes me want to give this a whirl with Gus. I think he would love it!

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  8. The puppy is so cute and adorable. I was gifted a puppy like this in my childhood.