Friday, July 15, 2011

Birthday Giveaway: Custom Art Clock From The Clock Lady!

Happy birthday to us!

Today is To Dog With Love's first birthday, and to celebrate we are giving our readers a chance to win some amazing gifts, starting with the first big giveaway today!

Every hour is Cosmo hour! What could be better!
A few years ago we met The Clock Lady, a.k.a. JoAnn Shorter, at a local dog event and we were immediately smitten with her wonderful art clocks. Afterall, what could be better than one photo of your precious pet? Why, 12 of them of course... for every hour in the day times two! 

So to celebrate our birthday, we are offering the chance to win your very own customized clock from The Clock Lady. We're giving away one 16-inch clock valued at $155! It's a true keepsake and a beautiful and functional way to honor your favorite pet (or person)!

You submit your photo, like this..

... and The Clock Lady transforms it into a beautiful wall clock, using a unique process to create a kaleidescope or mandala type design. Each clock is printed on canvas and gallery wrapped by hand. The Clock Lady also offers art in equally stunning pendant, keychain or tabletop designs.

To enter the giveaway, head on over to, check out the wonderful designs in the pet, people and pooch galleries and then leave a comment on this blog post, stating your favorite.  You can also find more designs on The Clock Lady Facebook page.

Here are a few more of our favorites!

Entries must be posted by midnight ET on Wednesday, July 27 and the winner will be chosen at random and announced on this blog on Friday, July 29.

To keep up on the latest from The Clock Lady, sign up for The Clock Lady's newsletter via the pinkish box at the bottom of home page.

Remember, it's Cosmo o'clock somewhere, so enter to win and give yourself the gift of time! What are you waiting for! tic toc tic toc...


  1. Diane, this is adorable! Feel free to list your other giveaways on FFF. It opens EVERY Thursday at 4 PM and closes at midnight EVERY Friday. Happy tails!

    BTW, will you be at Blogpaws?

  2. PS--Oliver is coming with me this year. He wants to meet Cosmo and talk agility--LOL!

  3. My favorites are the one with the Airedale. I also like the one with the sheltie. I am owned by and Irish setter. He would look awesome on one of these magnificent clocks.

    and Rory too

    katkiley @ aol .com

  4. DUSTY: Wow! The Clock Lady does amazing things! I loved so many, especially the ones w/ action, like your clock, Cosmo.
    HURLEY: I thought the Baby CHick once was really cool. I could picture old Chick-Chick on a kitchen clock!
    DUSTY: I'd like to be on a clock, too! Thanks for the information and the chance, too, Cosmo.

  5. How amazing are those clocks!!! As a boxer mommy I would have to say my favorite is the boxer... I love the ears and cocked head. Our boxer is pure brindle and we can never find anything that looks like her!

    What an awesome contest!!

  6. the husky one is so beautiful :)


  7. Loved the great dane clock til we popped over to the blog and saw the agility clocks - they are great! The Cosmo clock is the best of course :) Happy Anniversary Cosmo!

  8. My favorite one is the boxer, and of course, the one of you Cosmo!

  9. I liek teh one ov teh BIRMAN!!! hehe

  10. I have checked out the website and I really like the boxer clock. I think it captures the way a boxer cocks his head!!

  11. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! I've enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to many more. :-)
    All the clocks are gorgeous! If I have chose my favorites, I would have to say the Great Dane one, followed by the Boxer, and the French Bulldog. And at the top of the list is yours!! I absolutely LOVE your clock Cosmo! :-D

  12. I really enjoy all of the clocks. They are very creative. The clock I enjoy the most is the boxer. I love that the boxer doesn't have his ears clipped and can therefore show more expressions.

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  14. beautiful clock
    i like it!
    thanks for post
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  15. I'm partial to pugs (because i have one) so i love all of the pug ones. The baby chick around the log was really cool looking too.

    sleepyheadedmom at gmail dot com

  16. What beautiful clocks!!! I love the Huskies. My son and daughter in laws have a Husky. She is a sweetheart.

    I will be posting a picture of my dogs. They are Vizslas

    Sharon G -

  17. They are all so cute... how do you decide... I love the one that looks like a cocker spaniel puppy. It's brown and white head is so precious.

  18. I really enjoy the boxer clock. What an interesting idea.

  19. I enjoyed the husky but think there should be a german shepard!

  20. I love this contest! My favorite is in the pooch gallery #3, the pug. I like how the 12, 3, 6, and 9 hour is a different color picture, to make it easier to tell the time. Wished it was a chihuahua though :) :)

  21. While I adore all of the dog clocks my favorite has to be the Siamese cat clock. Having just taken in a stray Siamese they are currently tugging on my heart strings.


  22. What a unique idea! It is hard to choose one design favourite, but I do love the baby chicks.

    Thanks for the great giveaway. ~Pauline

  23. My favorite clock is the Airedale Clock.

  24. I love the kitty clock with the pink clock centre in the pet gallery
    cleaningrhouse at yahoo dot com

  25. We love the Airedale and Frenchie. So cute!

  26. Absolutely loved this post! Very nice! Keep up the great work!!

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