Monday, January 23, 2012

Be the FIrst to See Petsami! First Entertainment Network Run By Pets and Animals!

Officially launching today, Petsami is a new entertainment network for pets, by pets. Like we always say, life is best viewed from the fluffier side, and Petsami provides plenty of fluffs, furs and scales to entertain any pet and animal lover! 

You can start with Petsami on YouTube or head directly to  where you'll find blogs, photos, videos, message boards and a cast of characters and shows like these:

CuteWinTail -- Get into the action and help Tibbs decide which pet video is most epic.

Ask a Tiger -- Got a question? Get the answers from the Tiger run support line.

One Minute Meerkat -- Ever wonder what Meerkats have to say? You'll find out at Petsami!

Who thinks this looks like

KlipKat -- Catnip lover and Internet addict needs your help captioning the funniest cat videos. 

You'll also find our pal Preston Casanova, breakout star from Greatest American Dog, who answers the questions of pets and humans on his blog with the help of his human Laura Nativo, who's also Petsami Creative Director!

Enough talk... just head on over to and check out the fun!


  1. I laughed really hard at ask a tiger. I feel like they are very wise creatures and would have some good advice! I'll be sure to check this out!

  2. What there is another Preston and he is a little white dog??!?!?! hmmmmmm You can ask him all you want but I'm the Preston who Speaks! BOL

  3. Preston, I know!!! Everytime I see Preston Casanova I think of you pal! This Preston is pretty cute too. It think you'd like each other!
    Diane and Cosmo Havanese

    1. Your right Diana and Cosmo I bet I would like Preston Casanova. He looks like a fun dog. I guess the United States is big enough for both of us :-)

  4. who stole mai picture?!? MOL i has 2 go check this site out rite nao!!

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