Sunday, February 12, 2012

Help Pedigree Help Dogs at its "Every Dog, Dog Show" #Dogsrule

Cosmo says, Dogs Rule!
Around the time of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Pedigree has typically kicked off its annual Adoption Drive campaign. Over the years, with the help of dog lovers everywhere, Pedigree has been able to raise more than $7 million for this cause.

This year, Pedigree will be launching it in a different way. No longer the sponsor of the Westminster Dog Show (which airs Feb. 13-14 this year), Pedigree is turning to other ways to celebrate every dog, both purebred and mixed.

From now through 11 p.m. ET on Feb 14, Pedigree is holding an "Every Dog, Dog Show" in its Facebook community. For every dog lover who interacts with the Pedigree Adoption Drive Facebook page, Pedigree with donate a bowl of food... up to 500,000 bowls. Upload a photo of your four-legged friend or share your pup's story. That's all it takes, and Pedigree with feed homeless dogs in shelters and breed rescues.

For Pedigree, every dog is a champion. This video is from last year's campaign, but we think it will make you smile!

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