Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: The Invincible Gecko Dog Toy from Nip and Bones!

Cosmo waits patiently for his chance to test out a new squeaky
toy from the Baby Patches Tester Program at Nip and Bones
Long live the squeaker! There's nothing more fun than a brand new squeaker toy for your dog, especially if it can withstand sharp doggie teeth and hours of rigorous play. And if you're looking for a squeaker toy that will last, the Gecko Dog Toy at Nip and Bones may be the perfect choice for your pup!

As a member of the Baby Patches Tester Team, Cosmo got the chance to take the Gecko for a test run. Take a look below at Cosmo's honest review of the Gecko, but first a few product details.

What we're testing
  • The Invincibles Gecko Dog Toy in a size small  -- 13" x 8" with two squeakers. It also comes in large - 17" x 8" with four squeakers.
What makes it special
  • It's non-stuffed and made with squeakers that last, even after being punctured. In addition to the squeaker, a rattle in the tail makes this toy sound extra exciting. 
    Cosmo gives the Gecko a good tug!
  • Order the Small with two squeakers or the Large with four squeakers. Both come in orange or blue. 
Who makes it?
  • Kyjen
How much is it?
Cosmo's test run

Worthy of a good game of tug or session of toss and fetch, the Gecko provided Cosmo with loads of fun.

After a couple of weeks of play, the Gecko has held up beautifully, with plenty of squeak and rattle power for months to come. Just listen... !

As a member of the Baby Patches Tester Team, we received the Gecko toy free of charge. We were not paid for our review, and our opinions, squeaks and shakes are authentically our own. 


  1. Wow! This sounds like the ultimate squeaker toy!

  2. OMC! You is so cute with your gecko Cosmo! You were having a blast huh?

    Thanks you for the pawsome review, momma says it takes a few days to get the reviews on our shop to appear, it goes through hooman approvals.


    1. It is very squeaky! And it keeps on squeaking! Everytime mom plays the video, I think someone has my squeaky toy! hee hee!

    2. Riley Goldendoodle MagidFebruary 25, 2012 at 1:32 AM

      Do you think it would pass the Riley goldendoodle test? You know his middle name is "the destroyer"?
      How can we get to be a toy tester?

    3. I think you need to run over to Baby Patches store right now and get the large sized one for Riley!
      Diane and Cosmo

  3. Wow!!! Cosmo, you're so lucky! That's a pawesome squeaky toy!

    1. Thanks pal! I'm having loads of fun... squeak, squeak, squeak!

  4. Hi Cosmo, terrific review! Mom's thinking about getting this fur me, can never have too many toys! Thanks!

    1. You need to get your mom to run over to Baby Patches store right now! Mom thinks the toy looks cute too! And you are absolutely right... you never can have too many toys!

  5. We bought this toy for my 7 month bulldog and within an hour both squeakers stopped squeaking and she had ripped the squeaker out of the cloth. Not indestructible and not long lasting

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  8. DO NOT...i repeat DO NOT...order anything from the thieves at Nip n Bones...I made the mistake from ordering from these crooks and never received my item. My online status STILL just says pending yet they charged my credit card not only for the item but also for the shipping.

    There is no customer service number to speak to an actual person. They have deleted every comment on their Facebook of mine and everyone elses that had questions about where their orders were...and then proceeded to block me from making any further comments.

    They are scammers and crooks and should be ashamed of themselves!!!!

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