Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Day to Enter: Win a Trip to BarkWorld Expo! #EukanubaPawsinMotion

Cosmo admires the swag from the very first BarkWorld
If you're a pet blogger or a simply a pet lover, here's your chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to BarkWorld Expo, the social media conference for all things pet-related, in Atlanta, Oct. 25-27, 2012!

Enter the Eukanuba Paws in Motion to BarkWorld contest where one lucky winner will win:
  • A ticket to BarkWorld 2012
  • Roundtrip airfare for you (continental US)
  • Roundtrip airfare for your pet (continental US)
  • A three-night hotel stay at the host hotel, Westin Buckhead (room & tax)
  • Roundtrip airport transport in Atlanta, GA
All you need to know to enter you'll find here! But don't delay, today it the LAST DAY to enter! 

Even flat pets get nommy snacks at BarkWorld! 
Here's why we're going to BarkWorld this year (and why we've been to every one since the conference started in 2010!)

Excellent education -- from pet-friendly furnishings to pet business branding.
Unbelievable swag -- lots of goodies for you AND your pet!
Keynote speakers -- last year we met Victoria Stilwell! This year there will be more amazing speakers!
Anipals -- your pets get to go to BarkWorld too! We had a blast hanging out with doggie pals last year.
New friends and old -- we love seeing all our pals and meeting new one's too. And remember, BarkWorld's not just for dogs. It's where all pets rule (flat ones too)! 
Uber networking with the top social media rock stars and brands in the business! 
Best time EVER!
Awesome vendors -- Cosmo had the time of his life last year! 

Cosmo met Paige and Jasmine at BarkWorld last year! Best Furry Friends Furever!
If you didn't yet notice, Eukanuba is the official sponsor of the Eukanuba Paws in Motion to BarkWorld contest and will be providing one lucky winner with a FURBULOUS trip to BarkWorld!  (psst, hey contest judges, did you notice my creative use of Rhodamine Pink?) 

Cosmo's on top of the world of noms and thinking about BarkWorld!
See you at BarkWorld, 2012!


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