Monday, June 18, 2012

Sniffing Out a Heap of Gratitude: One Million Thanks From Febreze to its Fans!

How long do you supposed it'll take to say "thank you" one million times? The folks at Febreze are estimating three full days to thank each and every one of their one million Facebook fans via a live streaming video on their Febreze  Facebook page! 

The "Thank-a-thon" begins today at 10 a.m. ET. Members of the Febreze global teams will be saying “thank you” around the clock – night and day – until they say “thank you” one million times.  Now that’s gratitude!!

To see it in action, go to

I know I've used a shot of Febreze every now and then to freshen things up. What do you use to eliminate pet odor?


  1. Cool! That Pet Odor Eliminator is my FAVORITE room deodorizer, smells kind of like fresh cut grass. We use it at the Cat Hospital where I work, too. I have to make a special trip to PetSmart to get it when I run out (I usually order it online) because the grocery stores and places like Target don't stock that scent!

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