Tuesday, June 19, 2012

7 Things You Should Bring to BlogPaws Pet Blogger Conference!

Cosmo packs the essentials!
If you're one of the 500 or so folks packing for BlogPaws today, here are a couple of tips from a BlogPaws veteran! This will be the fourth BlogPaws for both me and Cosmo so we have plenty of ideas on what to bring for both you AND your pet!

Famous BlogPaws Cheesecake!
  1. Business Cards -- There will be plenty of networking opportunities with fellow bloggers and sponsors so don't miss this opportunity to share information and stay in touch! You might want to stow them in a place that's easy to access -- whether it's an outside pocket on your tote or inside the badge holder provided by the conference.
  2. Camera -- This is a photo opportunity like you've never seen before! If you like to photograph pets, you'll be in heaven! And don't forget to take group shots of your favorite blogger buddies, the fun pet signage and famous BlogPaws Cheesecake!
  3. Smart phone and laptop or iPad -- Keep your smart phone handy for quick pics and videos so you can share them immediately via Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. It's fun to "watch" the action live via social media for both conference attendees and those who are following from home.  We've also heard about a few opportunities to tweet or blog to help support animal rescue, so keep your eyes open for those opportunities. And if we meet you in person, we'll tell you all about how you can Write a Post, Help a Dog through Pedigree's campaign to help feed shelter dogs. And don't forget all your power cords and chargers!
  4. Large expandable suitcase -- Blogger conferences are notorious for having great swag and BlogPaws is no exception! Bring a LARGE suitcase and don't fill it. Then, open the expandable section for all your swag! 
  5. Sweater or layering pieces -- Clothing is another topic altogether, but hotel conference areas are typically freezing. So pack some super light items for Salt Lake City temperatures that are predicted to be in the high 90s (yikes!) and add layering pieces for the air-conditioning. I'm packing everything from cute (colored) jeans and tops to summer dresses.
  6.  Your pet's food, treats and toys -- Cosmo and I travel via airplane pretty often, so we've got this down. In addition to making sure your pet is comfortable with their pet carrier, you'll want to bring their familiar food, treats and toys. That'll make them feel right at home and help prevent upset stomachs!
  7. Pet accessories -- Don't forget food bowls, leash, poo bags, medications or anything else that's specific to your pet's needs!
For some more helpful blog conference and travel tips with pets, check out these:
Cosmo shares the love with Andrea Arden, left, and me at the first BlogPaws
in Columbus, Ohio in April 2010

See you at BlogPaws!


  1. Good tips. Wish we were packing
    Benny & Lily

  2. Fabulous!!!! I got all of it but I am using my SmartPhone as my camera....it worked fine last year! :)