Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chillin' in Style with Cozy New Chillspot Tile Covers

Cosmo Havanese keeps his cool with new waterproof tile slipcovers on his Chillspot cooling dog bed. We reviewed the Chillspot earlier this summer and love how it keeps Cosmo cool without having to submerge him in water! Though he loves a good splash as well!
Chillspot without tile slipcovers
The slipcovers stretch to fit around each tile and provide some extra traction which seems to make the surface even more comfy for Cosmo. We also noticed that some condensation will appear on the tile surface, especially in our humid Atlanta environment. The new slipcovers eliminate any moisture coming through, while still keeping Cosmo nice and chill. 

We also like the choice of colors to help customize your look! Pictured here are the Seaspray tile covers, providing a nice complement to Cosmo's black and white fur coat. The slipcovers also are machine washable. 

Chillspot and its accessories can be ordered online at Chillspot.biz.

Cosmo says, come on over and chill with us; there's plenty of room for more! 

Chillspot provided us with the tile slipcovers to review. The opinions expressed herein are entirely mine and Cosmo's.


  1. those are really nice for the summer
    Benny & Lily

  2. How do those work? You just fill them with cold water?


    1. Hi Mason! They come with four "Chillpods" which are like freezer packs. You keep the Chillpods in your freezer and then you slide two into each side of the Chillspot. It'll keep the bed cool all day. You can see how it works on the video in this post:

      I've taken the Chillspot to hot events and it's easy to transport it with the frozen Chillpods.

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