Monday, October 15, 2012

Strolling, Walking and Running the Morningside Mile for Fire Station #19

October is National Fire Safety Month. And on Sunday, Cosmo and I did our part by participating in the Morningside Mile, a one-mile run, walk or stroll to benefit our local Virginia Highland Fire Station #19,  Atlanta's oldest fire station.

Cosmo shared his stroller with his new pal Jack. The race was only a mile, but we covered three miles in total to get to the start of the race and back home again.

The race welcomed folks of all types, from elite runners to kids and dogs -- running, walking and riding in strollers!

The race ended with a block party...

What party is complete without a game of corn hole!

 ... and of course the fire engine was there. This is the same fire engine that leads our neighborhood Halloween parade.  Fire Safety Cosmo says, stay safe this Halloween and keep candles and candy away from dogs paws!

Once again it's Mischief Monday, so let's see what everyone else is up to!

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  1. So I have a stroller for my dog, but I get a TON of comments about why can't you let her walk?, what's wrong with her? Why do you have a stroller for a dog?
    Do you get a lot of questions too?

    1. I do get a lot of questions. Since I just got the stroller about a month ago, I either tell folks that Cosmo's older and that he can't walk as far as I can, or that he just had surgery and this is a good way to get him out. The truth is, Cosmo never really liked to walk all that much anyway... even though he'll run and zoom forever to chase a squirrel or a flying disc! I wish I had gotten the stroller when he was younger! I get LOTS more exercise now walking him and pushing him uphill is a pretty good workout!

    2. In crowds it is much easier to have a dog in a stroller and I think they like the view better too! :p

  2. Our dog would much rather walk--why would all the dogs be in strollers?

    1. At this event, Cosmo was the only dog in a stroller. His friend Jack joined him once he got too tired. I guess that wasn't clear! All the other dogs were walking, but there were plenty of children in strollers!


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