Friday, June 7, 2013

FitDog Friday: Our K9 Camp Agility Challenge

 In another special addition of FitDog Friday AND K9 Kamp, today's the day we update you on our Kamp activities for the past week AND fess up if we've been sticking to our goals!

In case you missed it, last week, our K9 Kamp counselors Peggy at Peggy's Pet Place and Jodi at Kol's Notes, issued our camp challenge for the next three weeks:

Get active with your dog, 30 minutes extra, 3 or 4 times a week

We took it one step further by choosing a specific activity that we'd enjoy -- working on our agility foundation skills. We ordered the DVD "Crate Games" by Susan Garrett and it came this week! So here's what we've done so far:
  • Watched nearly all of the 90 minute video
  • Told our agility instructor we ordered the video (at her suggestion)
  • Yup, that's about it
That might not sound like much, but before we actually start training, the foundation work to prepare FOR the foundation work is even more important. REALLY! We're not just procrastinating. 

Here's why it's so important:
  • You want to be clear on your criteria -- or exactly what behavior you want -- before you start training, OR
  • You might inadvertently train a behavior you're not looking for (because you rewarded the wrong thing at the wrong time)
So since I'm trying really hard not to break Rocco before I start, our agility instructor suggested these brilliant tips -- watch the DVD three times and then use a stuffed animal and practice on it first! BRILLIANT! 

So this week, I'll watch and re-watch the DVD, practice by putting a stuffy (not Rocco) in a crate, and then once I get really clear on the timing and behaviors I want to reward, Rocco gets to start playing crate games!

In the meantime, however, it's not like we've been sitting around eating bonbons! We've taken plenty of long walks, attended agility class AND yesterday received our new Kyjen Agility Kit from Petco! 

Kyjen Agility Kit
Rocco tries out his new Kyjen Agility Tunnel. Wheeeee!
Head over to yesterday's post and you can find out how to win one for yourself and pick up a few more  fitness tips!

My top dog!... Rocco wears the 1st place ribbon from the Kyjen Agility Kit!
Today also is FitDog Friday, the weekly Blog Hop brought to you by To Dog With LoveSlimDoggy and Peggy's Pet Place to promote a healthy active lifestyle for pets (and their people, too!) and to help combat pet obesity. Join in every Friday by linking up your FitDog story or visiting the blogs in the Hop.


  1. Rocco, blue ribbons already? What a rock star you are...and still a pup! Great ideas for folks considering agility. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm really excited to learn about agility right from the start. Thanks for the reminder to order that video. Also I'm going to go check out your contest, Kelly would LOVE that tunnel! And congrats on the blue ribbon!

  3. Blue ribbons? Brilliant. Have a fabulous fit Friday. We are off to the park now for a lark.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. FUN! Agility is FUN. PAWsome SMILE of Rocco. Mom is searching for fun agility runs for senior dogs in the city. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Rocco you look great!! Agility is soo much fun.

  6. It sounds like you and Rocco have been quite busy (certainly no time for bon bons!), and you'll be studying and practicing even more to add your new crate games to your regular routine. Can't wait to hear more about how it all goes!

  7. You are a little agility devil! I'm sure you have a ton of fun doing that with your mom!

  8. Great job, Rocco! Look at you Go!!


  9. Isn't the Kyjen agility kit wonderful?!? Pierson loves his. He's getting pretty good at it. :)

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